The demand for the entire building is high

The demand for the entire building is high. In the year, 24 cases were up 26%. The activation effect was restarted. The new consortium frequently attacked.

The demand for the whole building is very strong this year. So far, about 24 transactions have been recorded in the whole building, involving about 24.5 billion yuan. The number and amount have increased by 26% and 61% year-on-year. The veteran family is also a must, and the new consortium is also attacking.

In recent years, under the activation effect, industrial buildings have been actively traded. Although the overall property prices have fallen from the peak of the year, there is no shortage of big sales in the market. Recently, an industrial building transaction was about 540 million for the international market. No. 4 industrial site, the total floor area is nearly 80,000 square meters, the buyer Baptist Hospital. Chevalier International purchased the site from Star Real Estate last year for a price of 360 million. It only held for one year and the book profit was about 180 million. However, since the taxi bought the property at that time, it was necessary to deduct the price of 8.5% of the property price, about 28.8 million. Therefore, the actual profit is not much.

Involved about 24.5 billion

In fact, this year, about 24 cases of industrial buildings or industrial sites were temporarily recorded in the market, involving about 24.5 billion yuan. The number and amount of the projects exceeded the total of 19 and 151.77 billion in 2017, up 26% and 61 respectively. %. Among them, the newly-developed developers are aggressive. Xingsheng created a 100% ownership of the Meihua Factory Building in July this year, at a price of 850 million yuan, together with transaction costs and stamp duty, totaling about 922 million yuan. The project changed hands in August this year. The price is 1.253 billion yuan, calculated by the 179,000 square meters of the building floor. The floor price is as high as 7,000 yuan, creating a new high in the industrial area. Xingsheng created a book profit of 403 million yuan, and if it took into account the stamp duty, it actually made a profit of 331 million yuan.

The buyer of Meihua Industrial Building is the real estate fund HSBC Capital. The founders of the fund include Sasha International Chairman Guo Shaoming, the young son Guo Haoquan, Fanhai International Chairman Feng Zhaojun’s son Feng Kang, and Xie Yaosheng and Hong Yingwei. As early as May this year, the gold was also purchased at Rongxingli Industrial Building, No. 32 Hongtu Road, Kwun Tong, for a price of 622 million.

Chevalier 540 million 沽 Kwun Tong site

In September this year, the First Group purchased the Guanglongtai Building, No. 1016-1018, Dayan West Street, Changsha Bay, and plans to rebuild Jiasha. The budget is priced at 700 million to 800 million yuan. The total investment is about 2.6 billion. It is expected to be completed in 2022. . The project covers an area of ​​about 14,790 square meters. The redevelopment area is about 177,480 square meters. The floor price is about 7043 yuan. It is planned to rebuild Jiasha. The total investment is estimated to be about 2.6 billion. The group also bought Tsuen Wan for about 600 million at the beginning of this year. The industrial area of ​​18 to 20 Tai Chung Road has a site area of ​​about 18182 square feet. The plot ratio is about 9.5 times. The floor area can be about 172,700 square feet. The average price is about 3474 yuan. The land price will be redeveloped.

Meihua has a new high of 7,000 yuan per trip

The Yijing Group also purchased two full-scale industrial buildings during the year, including Lida Group Building, No. 13 Qiaowang Street, Qiaotouwei Industrial Zone, Yuen Long. The price was about 360 million, and the average price was about 6,294 yuan. In recent months, the company has beaten a number of local developers such as SHKP, SHK and Henderson, and has won the industrial zone of Safe Street, Anle Village, Fanling. It covers an area of ​​about 40,526 square meters and can be built with a maximum floor area of ​​about 202,000 square feet. The floor price is about 3,617 yuan, and the price of the building is the most expensive industrial land record in Hong Kong. Senior investor Lin Zifeng recently invested about 1.63 billion yuan to purchase industrial site No. 41, Jingye Street, covering an area of ​​about 2,980 square meters. The floor can be built around 263,000 square meters, and the floor price is about 6,179 yuan. Xiamen.

Pan Zhiming, the managing director of the Central Plains Industrial and Commercial Store, said that the policy address has more references to the specific plan for restarting the activation policy. Many investors and developers have taken the opportunity to absorb the entire building with reconstruction and activation potential. .

As the market expects, the policy address mentions the reactivation of the revitalised industrial building and the extension of the “Revitalization of the Industrial Building Scheme" launched by the Government in 2010. This will allow the old industrial buildings of 15 years or more to be exempted from land premiums and refitted for other uses, such as Office building or hotel, etc. For the first time, the new building will be allowed to be converted into a transitional building and the use of low-rise industrial buildings and warehouses will be relaxed to better cope with the social and economic development of Hong Kong.