Wanchai Beihai Center

Wanchai Beihai Center

There is very little supply of office space in the Hong Kong Island commercial district. The Wanchai North Sea Centre is adjacent to Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. It enjoys a bilateral advantage and is suitable for both users and investors.

The Wanchai North Sea Centre is located at 326-338 Hennessy Road and is a 31-storey commercial building. The property was completed in 1993 and is about 25 years old.

Located in the business district and shopping center

The building has 4 passenger elevators and 1 freight elevator, which is quite convenient. The location of the property is extremely advantageous. It is located between the traditional business district of Wanchai and the shopping district of Causeway Bay. The flow of people is very prosperous. It takes only about 5 to 10 minutes to walk, and it is also very convenient to get to and from the tram stops and bus stops.

There is also a car park in the building for the convenience of motorists. The property pedestal and the first floor are shops with a number of restaurants and retail shops.

The Beihai Central industry is dominated by trade, technology and finance. The property has a total floor area of ​​more than 6,700 square feet. Each floor is divided into 6 groups, about 940 to 1,500 square feet. The spacing is square, and it is practical whether it is used in the whole floor or divided into units.

Since the column is located at the edge of the wall, the indoor space is more visible and the office supplies are conveniently placed.

6 tiers per floor

As the building is located on Hennessy Road and is far from the sea, it is overlooked by the building. The landscape is mostly the urban landscape of Wan Chai. There is a certain distance between the building and the building, so the landscape is still open.

There were few property listings. The building also recently recorded a transaction. Last month, a mid-to-high-rise B-room unit was recorded, covering an area of ​​956 square feet, with a turnover of $14.4 million. The price was about 15,063 yuan.

In the neighboring Eastern Business Center, a high-level unit was sold in October, with a unit of 586 square feet, which was sold at 8.79 million yuan, and the price was about 15,000 yuan, which is similar to the Beihai Center.

In terms of rental, the Beihai Center is more active, with the latest rental in December. The unit is a middle-floor B room with an area of ​​956 square feet. It is rented out at a monthly rent of 29,636 yuan, and the price is about 31 yuan. Compared with a 651-square-foot low-rise unit in the Eastern Business Center, it is rented out at 18,414 yuan, and the lease is about 21.5 yuan. From this point of view, the Beihai Center and the same district commercial buildings have similar entry levels but the rental returns are more abundant.