Long-term investors enter the market

Long-term investors enter the market

There are hidden concerns in the investment market. Short-term investors are cautious. The big deals in the market recently have been created by users and long-term investors.

In the past week, the property investment market recorded a number of large purchases and sales, which is rare in recent months. The focus will definitely be on the exhibition (00823) of 12 shopping malls, including Sha Tin Qin Shi Shopping Mall, Cheung Sha Wan Happy Shopping Centre, Tuen Mun Mountain Shopping Centre, etc., which were sold for a total of $12.10 billion. The transaction price is estimated from September 30 this year. The value is about 32.1% higher. The buyer is a consortium led by Gem Capital, including Goldman Sachs and Blackstone Fund. The transaction was the largest transaction in the year and the transaction price of this year was also the highest.

Gem Capital Capital Group 12 billion purchases and exhibitions mall

Among the batch of hand-changing malls, the highest transaction price was the Ap Lei Shopping Centre in Ap Lei Chau. The property was adjacent to the MTR station and provided 84,000 square feet of floor space and 687 parking spaces for $1.692 billion. According to the company, it has purchased 12 shopping malls, together with about 4,700 parking spaces, totaling 1.1 million square feet. Last year, the consortium partnered with investment bank Goldman Sachs to invest 23 billion yuan, and won 17 shopping malls for the exhibition, and re-entered the market one year later.

In addition, Emperor Group (00163) took out about 1.1 billion yuan and took out the Shengshi Hotel in Yulan Street, Yau Ma Tei. The property has 30 floors and 199 rooms with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 48,600 square feet. The hotel is located on Portland Street, adjacent to the Yau Ma Tei MTR station. It is also convenient to the Mong Kok shopping district. The price per night is about $800.

The new buyer is Wang Wang Deng Chengbo. He holds the neighboring old building. After purchasing the hotel, he can be used as the group’s own operation. The old building can be used for comprehensive purposes in the future, and it is expected to produce synergy.

As for Chevalier International (00025), it has recently launched a site of No. 4, Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong. It is currently under development with a total gross floor area of ​​nearly 80 000 square feet. The buyer is a Baptist Hospital. Looking for information, Chevalier International purchased the site from Star Real Estate (01560) for 360 million yuan last year. The contracted goods were only transferred in one year and the profit was about 180 million yuan.

Trade wars, atmosphere, short-term investors, astr

According to the analysis, the investment climate under the Sino-US trade war is hard to be affected. Investors are relatively cautious and rarely enter the market in the near future. Recently, most of the transactions were recorded by long-term investors and users. For example, they bought the base capital of 12 shopping malls. They also bought the shopping malls of the Expo last year. After entering the market, they will be operated and refurbished for long-term rent collection. . As for the hotels purchased by Boss, the Group also operates on its own, and the Baptist Hospital has purchased the construction site, which is also self-use. In other words, in the face of hidden concerns about investment prospects, short- and medium-term investors have closed their hands, and there are users and long-term investors entering the market.