Ma Yamu holds the central floor of Central

Ma Yamu holds the central floor of Central. The occupancy rate is 90%.

The 75% of the ownership of the Central Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, has already completed the distribution. The “minibus" King Maya, who holds the 13th floor and became the largest owner, attended the opening ceremony of the “Eight Mansion" of the Cantonese Restaurant. It is revealed that the current occupancy rate of the floor is 90%, only about 10% of the units with lower floors have not been rented out, indicating that there is no intention to sell any units. “There is a prospect to make a sale." Jin Lifeng, who is also the owner of the Central Center (01031) Chief Executive Officer Zhu Liyuehua (Zhu Tai) also stressed that there is no intention to sell the floor held, and some will remain for use.

Looking forward to next year’s property market is “not high or low"

Asked about the forecast of the property market trend next year, Mayamu described “China and China are quite good, not high and not low". It is expected to develop steadily and will not rise or fall. The low-rise units in Central Central on the market are expected to maintain about 80%. At the yuan level, he also revealed that there is no plan to reinvest in the property. “The stocks have low absorption," such as Tencent (00700), HKEx (00388) and HSBC (00005).

Zhu Tai’s unit only rents and sells

Zhu Liyuehua, who was on the same stage, said that he knew that the shareholders of the Central Group’s acquisition of the consortium planned to sell the floor, but they preferred to rent only and not to sell, and reserved some for their own use. She thinks that the demand for office space in Hong Kong is large. Taking the floor of its holdings as an example, the rental situation is ideal. At the same time, new tenants are introduced. The rent on the high floors is more than 100 yuan and the lower level is over 80 yuan.

In terms of the property market, she expects to maintain a satisfactory rule next year, but the downward adjustment space is larger than the upside, and the buyers are urged to do what they can. For the same stocks of different stocks (W shares) will be included in the “Hong Kong stocks" next year, she believes that can drive Hong Kong stocks trading, “I am looking forward to", but also believe that the stock market is affected by the global economic factors is slightly more than the property market.

The “Eight Public Hall" of the Cantonese cuisine restaurant opened yesterday was jointly invested by Ma Yamu and “Big King" Chen Bingzhi and the head of Joy Food Group Ou Manzhen. Ou Manzhen disclosed that the investment amounted to 25 million yuan, and he hoped to provide “civilian prices" in the Central Financial District. But the dishes are not ordinary.