Argyle Street is full of commercial buildings called 2 million

Argyle Street is full of commercial buildings called 2 million

Large-scale shops in the core retail districts are rare. Some owners have seen the market trend and converted the entire property of Argyle Street in the core area of ​​Mong Kok into a retail and office project. The whole building is called 2 million yuan.

Fang Jinyao, deputy director of the shop of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce), said that the owner had entrusted the owner to rent the entire 33A Argyle Street, Mong Kok, including the ground floor and the attic, with a floor area of ​​approximately 738 sq ft and 661 sq ft, respectively. Up to the office floor on the 5th floor, each floor area is about 735 to 800 square meters, and the floor area of ​​the whole building is about 5270 square meters.

The property is rented in the form of a whole building. It is understood that the intended monthly rent is 2 million yuan and the lease is about 380 yuan.

Large LED billboard on the external wall

The exterior wall of the project has a large LED billboard, which is suitable for international chain brands, such as cosmetics, apparel and gold banking. It is currently undergoing renovation projects and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of next year. The property is located opposite the Langham Place, the landmark shopping mall in the district, behind the Shanghai Street Conservation and Revitalization Project of the Urban Renewal Authority.

In addition, the ground floor of No. 85 Garden Street in the district is connected to the first floor. The total construction area is about 2,000 square feet. The sports goods retailer is allowed to rent it for $285,000 and the lease is about $143.

In 2013, the shop rented a maximum monthly rent of 408,000 yuan, and the latest rent fell by 123,000 yuan (30.14%).