Stores buy and sell 150 cases in February, up 10% on a monthly basis

Zheng Deming, director of the real estate shops and investment division of Lijiage (Trade Shop), said that the property market in Hong Kong has gradually come out of the bottom and the market sentiment continues to be optimistic. It is expected that the first quarter of this year will maintain steady sales, while the second quarter is expected to perform better. According to the latest information from the Land Registry, a total of 150 store sales registrations were recorded in February 2018 (the number mainly reflects the actual market conditions from two to four weeks ago), a 10% increase from the 136 in January. As for the amount of sales and purchases during the period, the turnover fell by 39% to only 2.858 billion yuan, which was the lowest level in the past four months due to the significant reduction in large transactions.