New batch of Baiju II housing estates to accept applications starting next Thursday

The Housing Authority announced yesterday that “The sale of Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flats (Home Ownership) units 2018″ and “White Form HOS Second Market (Bai Ju II) 2018″ will also be on the 29th of this month. Accept the application. Eligible applicants may submit the application form of the two projects by 7pm on the day of April 11th. The application forms for the two plans and the application instructions will be available for public access from now on.

Co-push 4431 HOS flats

Three new HOS developments for sale in the current period include 4,431 units in Kaile Court in Cheung Sha Wan, Kai Long Court in Kai Tak and Yu Tai Court in Tung Chung. Calculate the unit price by taking a 70 per cent of the market value. There are 2522 units in Ka Lok Court with a suggested sale price ranging from $2.92 million to $6.3 million. The average saleable area is priced at 9234 yuan. The 683 units in the Kailang Court are priced at 2.27 million. The average price was RMB 9,755 for a total of RMB 4,880,000; the 1,226 units of Yutai Court were priced between RMB 1.59 million and RMB 4,280,000, and the average price was RMB 6,698.

Information on development projects, approved building plans, outline zoning plans, land grant documents, latest draft of the DMC, bird’s-eye view photographs, architectural models, and virtual demonstration unit short films and indoor space models based on building information simulation technology will be on the same day. From April 8 to 7:00, every day from April 8 to 7 at the Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Center (Customer Service Center) for public viewing and viewing.

It is expected that the beads will be mixed in June

Sales descriptions of the three HOS developments and application forms for the “Sale of HOS Flats 2018” and “Baiju II 2018” and application notes will be placed at the Customer Service Centre for public solicitation. The public can also visit the Housing Authority’s estate offices and district tenancy offices, the Housing Society’s rental housing estate offices, and the Home Affairs Department’s civil affairs consultation centres during office hours during the above period. And the Sham Shui Po Housing Information Office to obtain sales information and application forms and application notes.

The electronic version of the sales information profile, the latest draft of the DMC, and the bird’s-eye view of the development project will also be uploaded onto the designated websites of the three development projects: “Sale HOS Flats 2018” (http://www.housingauthori-ty.gov. Hk/hos/2018).

This time, the “Sale Flat 2018″ and “White II 2018″ use the same set of eligibility criteria. Applicants can choose one or both of them, but they must submit separate applications for the two projects.

The two projects are expected to be agitated separately in June to set the priority for the selection of the applicants under the “Sale Flat 2018” and the priority allocation of the “White II” 2018 quota for applicants to consider. Purchase new HOS flats or choose to purchase unpaid flats in the HOS Secondary Market.