Yongan Plaza Middle Floor Placement

The Tsim Sha Tsui commercial estate is lower than the Hong Kong Island business town’s property. There are many of them in Tsim Sha Tsui East.

The “Makeover" listing includes the 11th floor of the middle floor of Yong An Plaza, 62 Mody Road.

The sale of properties covers an area of approximately 1,771 square feet, with an intentional price of HK$24,000 and a selling price of approximately HK$42.5 million. The release tray is a unilateral unit with a certain angle. It can enjoy a partial view of the sea. It is also possible to view the green landscape and the landscape is open. The unit will be sold to Kyrgyzstan. The new buyer can use it for personal use or make a long-term investment. Based on the current market value/rent of HK$50, the rental return is expected to be about 2.5%, which is an ideal level for the market.

Yongan Plaza is a Grade A commercial building in the East Point, with many well-known companies and companies stationed. In the future, a number of infrastructure projects will be completed one after another, including the high-speed rail and the MTR Middle Line. By then, the time will be shortened between China and Hong Kong, attracting more Mainland enterprises to enter the district. The prospects are worth investors’ attention.