Ten housing estates traded 4 eggs on weekends

The second-hand market recorded new high-priced transactions. Some buyers took time to digest relevant news, dragging down the volume of trading in the top ten used housing estates for the past two days (April 21st and 22nd). Centaline Property Data shows that 13 of the top ten housing estates recorded transactions in the past two days, a decrease of 6 cases (about 32%) compared to 19 cases in the previous weekend. The number of zero-transaction housing estates remained unchanged at 4 levels in the previous week. .

Mobil 5 active trading

Centaline Property Data shows that Meifuxin Village in Lai Chi Kok has been the most active in the past two days, with a total of five transactions, followed by three transactions in the Tianshui Wai Kingswood Villas. Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of Centaline Asia Pacific, analyzed that the Sino-U.S. trade war situation and the geopolitics of North Korea all eased. Property prices hit new highs, stimulating second-hand owners to increase prices. Buyers need time to digest relevant news and make exchanges. Slightly consolidate the amount of investment.