Luxury homes are worth 8 million yuan last month

New-month trading volume for this month was reduced by 74% month-on-month, but the atmosphere for luxury homes was relatively good. At least 18 transactions worth 50 million yuan or more were recorded in this month, which has reached 60% of 30 cases in the month of March. Of these, 8 cases cost more than 100 million yuan, and they are even closer to 9 levels in the whole month of last month. Xindi (00016) has recorded a large amount of transactions in the past two days. One of SHOUSON PEAK’s bungalows in Shouson Hill in the Southern District changed hands on the previous Saturday (21st) to 262.6 million yuan, and the largest amount of new transactions this month was traded. North Point Begonia sold a 4-bedroom seaviewer yesterday for 99.35 million yuan, with a price of 62,700 yuan.

According to the records of the transaction, SHKP took out Room A on the eighth floor of a building in North Point, Haikou, yesterday for $99.35 million. It has a practical area of ​​1585 sq ft. It is a four-room double-family space and enjoys Kowloon East and Victoria Harbour views. The price is RMB 62,681. If the unit deducts 17% of the tax rebate and a rebate of 38,000 yuan in cash from the New Territories, the discounted selling price will be about 82,622,500 yuan, and the price will be 5,2002 yuan. Haishu has so far sold 15 groups and involved 1.226 billion yuan.

SHOUSON PEAK sold more than 260 million

In the same department, SHOUSON PEAK House 19E, with a saleable area of ​​3,218 sq.ft., was closed last Friday (20th). It was also sold on the previous Saturday with a consideration of RMB 262.6 million. The price was RMB 81,489. According to the statistics, there were also a number of peak transactions in the new market this month, such as New World Development (00017), a multi-family home in North Point, which sold for RMB 221.8 million in June this month, becoming the first cost overhang. 200 million yuan in Hong Kong Island East Division units.