The market has not made a deal. The monthly turnover has fallen by 74%. The cash dividend is 1.28 billion.

This month, the newest main sales squad last year, about 40 new deals were added in the past weekend, and the first-hand market accumulated only about 411 transactions yesterday, dropping 74% month-on-month. As there is little chance for the launch of large new properties during the rest of the month, April’s volume will have the opportunity to fall below the 532 lows recorded in the whole month of February this year, which is expected to be the lowest in 26 months after February 2016. Level. According to industry sources, the new real estate has not been on stage, and frequent fare increases have caused buyers to enter the market slightly slower. It is expected that after several new rounds will appear in May, one-handed trading will have the opportunity to rise to more than 1,500 levels.

According to the statistics of the first-hand residential property sales information network, this month, on the first 22 days of this month, only 411 cases were recorded. Compared with about 1600 cases in the same period last month, the newspaper plunged 74%, and even recorded the lowest turnover this year. About 454 cases were about 9.5% lower in the same period of the month.

Nanjin. Meet the shore to win 36 groups to win by volume

From the beginning of the month till now, the number of new disc units sold in Henderson (00012) was the largest, with a total of approximately 91 teams in 12 projects, including Nanwan, Tianwan, Aberdeen. Meet the shore for at least 36 groups. In fact, the 39 new plates of Cheung Kong (01113) sold about 39 people, totaling more than 1.28 billion yuan.

In the past two days (21 and 22), there were a total of at least 18 new discs recorded. A total of about 40 sales were sold, a decrease of about 9% compared with the previous week’s 44. Among them, Hong Kong Real Estate (01243)’s Sha Tin Dawei Shezheng sold a total of 18 people yesterday. Market sources said that 4 teams were sold out. The total number of people in the two days totaling 8 groups was already the newest dish in the past week. China Overseas (00688)’s Kowloon East Hong Kong Kai Tak “Hong Kong people Hong Kong Land" project Kai Tak 1 (I) yesterday auctioned off five low-rise 1st floor units, market news that sold for more than 33.73 million yuan.

In the New World (00017) sub-project of Sai Ying Pun, seven teams were sold in the past two days. The same family of Clear Water Bay in Sai Kung also took out three teams. In total, 10 teams were sold in two plates, making the New World the last two days. The developers with the most shipments have cashed in nearly 135 million yuan in total.

Some of the cargoes were also sold as “slow board." Yashitu Far East Real Estate led the development of the Cheung Sha Wan, a single-family mini-pan. In the past weekend, it has pushed 14 more, but together with the previous price list, a total of 25 groups have yet to announce sales arrangements.

There are still 8 days this month. Today, there are 6 new contracts and a total of 69 sales or tenders. However, since no large new discs are available for sale, the new month’s trading volume has a chance to fall below 532 in February this year and become 2016. In February of last year, after registering 302 people, at least 26 months of the new trading month.

May open sale of new building is expected to turn prosperous

Wu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland’s residential property division, said that some of the recent new deals were sold at new high prices, indicating that the new trading volume is low, and the recent stock market volatility has little to do with the surge in interest rates in Hong Kong. Bush Shaoming believes that this is because there has been no new real estate for sale this month, which has led to a significant reduction in primary trading. This month’s overall transaction has a lower chance than February. He estimated that due to the possibility of launching several major new developments in May, such as Tuen Mun Mid-Levels, Jiaxi at Pak Shek Kok in Tai Po and Pak Ulsan in the project at Beiyuan, North Point, it is expected that the turnover of the new market will rise to more than 1,500 levels.