Yuner Record: Kwun Tong Rebuilds 70% of Users’ Expectations

The URA commissioned the university to carry out a questionnaire survey earlier and it has successfully collected opinions from 110 users of the construction projects in the Kwun Tong Redevelopment Project this month. The Administrative Director of the URA Wei Zhicheng [pictured right one] visited Kwun Tong town centre last week. Development area users. According to his statistics on the blog, according to preliminary data, about two-thirds of users think that the impact of rebuilding on the community is better than bad, and they worry that the bad is more than good and only about 10%.

About 70% of users plan to provide a reasonable ex-gratia payment for the future relocation plan, but how to determine the appropriate level of users has different ideas. As regards relocation, about half of the users plan to operate other stores in the vicinity or other suitable places. About 30% hope that the URA will provide information on alternative rental shops. Wei Zhicheng said that the relevant opinions will become the basis for follow-up communication and draw up the parties to accept the relocation plan.