Mainland purchase price Tianyi 2 room prices high 41,000

Luxury homes are sought after by mainland Chinese tourists. Mainlanders have not hesitate to pay 30% of the hot tax and purchased two units at Jiulong Station, Tianzhu, for a price of RMB 53.1 million. One of the group’s high prices is RMB 41,000.

High-speed rail express train Mainland customers take the lead

Li Zile, an associate director of Midland Property Management, said that as the high-speed rail link opened to traffic, many mainlanders took the lead to buy luxury residential units in Kowloon Station, and newly-purchased mainland buyers continued to scan the two Tianzhu units for RMB 53.1 million. The room has a practical area of ​​664 square feet. It is a two-room unit. It has a transaction price of 27.30 million yuan and a transaction price of 41,114 yuan, a record high for similar units. The property was acquired in 2009 for 10,447,000 yuan, which was a profit of RMB 16,853,300, a 1.6 times increase. In addition, the middle floor of the E room, practical 670 square feet, the transaction price of 25.80 million yuan, the practical price of 38,507 yuan. The group bought in 2012 for 24,547,000 yuan and earned 1.253 million yuan.

According to the agency, the buyer in the mainland intends to purchase two gangs for their families to use for self-occupation. This time, the city needs to pay 30% of the hot tax, involving a tax of 15.93 million yuan.

The Land Registry also showed that the high-rise Building B in Happy Valley was sold at a price of $34.3 million. The unit was 884 square feet and the transaction price was 38,801 yuan. Buyers are Chinese Calligraphy Building Group shares, also need to pay 3% of the spicy tax, involving 10.29 million yuan, the company had recklessly charged 132.8 million yuan before the purchase of Sai Yingpan New Panfore Hong Kong Peak top characteristics of units, high price 6.6 Ten thousand yuan was used in the same area. Later, another commercial building of Wanchai Capital Center was purchased for RMB27.5 million. The total transaction price of these three properties reached 195 million yuan, which is quite aggressive.

34,300,000 high-floor sales of spicy tax 10.29 million

Kowloon City Royal earlier. The top floor of the giant’s house, Room C, has a saleable area of ​​1,581 sq. ft. and was sold for RMB 42.526 million. The buyer also entered the market under the name of the company. The company’s director is a guest from the mainland, surnamed Lin, with a closing price of RMB 26,727.

In addition, Sai Ying Pun EIGHT SOUTH LANE, high-rise Room B, with 7.825 million transactions, an area of ​​315 square feet, the price of 25,168 yuan.

As for other luxury housing transactions, market sources revealed that the Sha Tin One, Genting 1, High-rise Room A, with a saleable area of ​​1,938 square feet, is a five-bedroom space, and has just changed hands with a total of 41.80 million yuan and a price of 21,569 yuan.