Qi Dezun New Village two rooms 6.35 million broken top

The weather has been unstable in the past two days, and the finals of the World Cup last night have affected the atmosphere of the second-hand housing estates. The trading has also become deserted, but there is still no shortage of top prices.

Lv Zonglin, the sales manager of the Central Plains real estate division, said that a new high-priced transaction was recorded in the village of Chi Tak Tsuen New Village in Tsuen Wan. The above is a high-rise apartment, Block A, Block A, which is a 437-square-foot room with a saleable area. The turnover of 6.35 million yuan (replaced land price) was RMB 14,531. The transaction price and the price of the goods all reached a record high in the housing estate. It is reported that the original owner bought the unit in 2014 with a price of 3.99 million yuan (replaced land price). In the year, the book gained 2.36 million yuan and the property appreciated 59%.

Fubao has already broken the first unit of 7 million

The price of Ma On Shan Home Furnishings Fu Bao Garden rose above 7 million for the first time. According to market news, there is a high-rise Room C in the housing estate, with a saleable area of ​​592 square feet. The original owner had previously sold for 7.5 million yuan (replaced land price). Under the influence of the recent announcement of a new batch of HOS pricing strategies, the Government is willing to accept the bargaining price and sell the unit at 7.26 million yuan (paid land premium). The transaction price is still a new high in the housing estate, which is RMB 12,264. The original owner was in 2008. Purchased for 1.8 million yuan (replaced land price), holding goods for 10 years, the book profit was about 5.46 million yuan, and the appreciation was more than 3 times.

Lingkai 3 room, 8.78 million, 6 years, 70% appreciation

In terms of private buildings, Ke Yong, the business manager of the Central Sub-district, said that the B-room of the middle-level right wing of Block 10, Tsing-kai, Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, has a usable area of ​​684 square feet. It is a three-bedroom suite and is newly sold for $8.78 million. The original owner bought the unit for RMB 5.07 million in November 2011. The goods were held for more than 6 years. The current account profit of the unit was RMB 3.71 million, and the unit appreciated 73% during the period.