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Lin Zheng looking for a few days Shuiwei first built a market news that the price may not be lower than the lead exhibition

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, has already indicated in his first policy address last year that a new public market will be built in Tin Shui Wai, Tung Chung and Hung Kiu. Last week, in the Legislative Council question and answer session, he was asked how to remove the mountain. I will revisit this measure and disclose the timetable, indicating that the location of Tin Shui Wai Market will be announced this year. It is understood that the Tung Chung Market is initially located in the new reclamation area. The location of Tin Shui Wai Market will not be located in the boundary area. It will be close to the city centre and the traffic arrangements will be dealt with. As to whether the move can be countered by the public market as the public wishes, the source admits that the prices in the government market are not necessarily lower than those in the market.

It is understood that the Government’s strategy for building a new market will not adopt the model of the development of the estate market.

It will be similar to the size of the Tai Po Market. It will serve the whole area. Therefore, it is not only necessary to have land but also many factors. Including the population and population mix of the district, community needs, nearby market facilities, the number of fresh food retail stores, etc., as well as the geographical location of the site, existing and planned uses, available space, and adjacent transportation facilities, etc., to ensure new The market has a certain scale and operational capacity. Otherwise, the new market will become a “big white elephant" with a high vacancy rate. Instead of solving the immediate problems, it will create more trouble.

Regarding whether the site of Tin Shui Wai will be adjacent to the Link Market, the source said that the Tin Shui Wai Estate will be considered in accordance with the existing planning principles. The main point is that the facilities in the vicinity are inadequate and the traffic is convenient. The site selection will be in the Government. It is expected to be closer to the city centre. It will not be in the border area, nor will it deliberately avoid certain places. Moreover, the surrounding areas of Tin Shui Wai are simply inevitable.

The source also said that the construction of the market would involve various government departments such as the food, transport, planning and land administration.

It is necessary to ensure that the requirements of various departments are met. The location of the Tin Shui Wai Market will involve some roads being blocked. Therefore, it is still necessary to sort out the time. Implement site selection.

There are already estates and fresh food shops in Tin Shui Wai District. Every time the Government introduces some initiatives that will be regarded as “competing with the people", we must look ahead. For example, when launching food trucks, the site selection is controversial, one of them. It is considered that it cannot cause vicious competition with the original restaurant. The pressure groups will expect public markets to compete with the Link Market. The result is still to be verified after the new market is completed. If the price is based on the price alone, the source said that the price of the public market in the Government is not necessarily lower than that of the market.

Lu Yixiong, a member of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, who is a member of the Yuen Long District Council, said that different party members have proposed a total of four market location proposals in the district, including the KMB Bus Factory in Tin Shui Wai Swimming Pool, Tin Sau Hui, and Tin Siu Wai Estate near Tai Fung Road. The activity center, as well as the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Near Tianrui Village, described the area as having no consensus on the site selection. For the chief executive Lin Zheng said that the site selection will be announced this year, it is considered a surprise. He said that the market selection of the market requires proper competition to lower the price and sufficient crowds. He therefore personally opposes the setting up of the bus station at the more remote KMB. For the purpose of making the public market “Wang Yau", please refer to Tai Po Market, and set up a cooked food centre, carpark and market at the same location to attract people.

Another Yuen Long District Council member, Zhou Yongqin, pointed out that he did not hear about the final location of the government. He believed that the bus factory and the girl army activity center had higher chances. The former was farther away from the residential area; the latter was close to the LRT station, but within two kilometers. There are 5 markets. For the price of the public market, he believes that it may not be much lower than the market for the exhibition. In particular, the market in Tin Shui Estate has been tempted by the low price. However, “there is competition and choice will be flat" and the Government operates and leads the exhibition. There are also differences, because the exhibition can be renewed at any time with the merchants.

As for the Tung Chung Market, the Government has initially conceived the construction of a new reclamation area. However, different party members in the district have opposed it. The Islands District Council and the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Mr Tang Kwok-wai, think that it will be “too far-reaching" because the Government should solve the problems faced by the existing residents. The funding for the land reclamation in the New Reclamation Area has not been formally completed. It is questioned that “if the Government does not accept the views of the region, it will wonder if the Government wants to solve the problem" and ask the Government to select the existing land site. He personally suggested that there is a small plot between Yi Tung Estate and Man Tung Estate. The Government will construct a sports centre and a community hall. It can be built together with the public market in the planning. It does not oppose the Tung Chung Town Centre proposed by the DAB. “Government, institution or community" land.

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