Taiping shop is stationed in Tongwangdi shop

The retail market has recovered, but the latest high rents in the core retail districts are generally higher than 50%, which has enabled many industries to afford to enter the streets. In recent years, the booming desktop beverage store has expanded during the summer and has been opened in the core areas of Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. It has replaced the merchants who used to specialize in tourist business. The maximum rent is over 70%.

The tabletop drinks are popular among Hong Kong people and tourists. This year, a number of different brands have opened. Two of the different brands have rents of $150,000 and $155,000 respectively. They are renting 15 Lee Garden Road next to Rusu Street in the first floor of Causeway Bay. There are two plots on the 17th floor, each with a building area of ​​750 square feet, and the rent is about 200 yuan and 207 yuan respectively.

Liyuan Mountain Road Shop rents 70%

The above two shops were rented together by the cosmetics retailer Sasha International (00178), with a total construction area of ​​about 1,500 square meters. In 2013, the maximum rent was 1.05 million yuan. After the brand retreated in 2015, the shop has been lost for 3 years. Now the latest monthly rents of the two shops totaled 305,000 yuan, which is 7.45 million yuan lower than the old rent of Sasha. The rent dropped by 71% during the five-year period. .

There is another tabletop beverage shop in the same district. The rent is about 260,000 yuan per month. Shop A4, G/F, Hong Kong Building, 1 to 1L, Yi Wo Street. The gross floor area is about 350 square feet. The same area of ​​the attic is 700 square meters. yuan.

This shop is located in Keeley Street, adjacent to Sogo Department Store. It is one of the first-line locations in the district. For many years, tenants are pharmacies serving freelancers. During the peak season of renting in 2014, the pharmacy was rented at a high price of 750,000 yuan per month, and the rent was over 1,000 yuan. However, since the retail market has weakened, the site has been lost for most of the past two years since 2016. Only short-term leases have been closed for several months. Recently rented by a desktop beverage store, the monthly rent was lowered by 490,000 yuan, a drop of 65.3%.

As for the first-line section of Mong Kok, Sai Yeung Choi South Street has a tabletop beverage store. It is rented at No. 3, G/F, Sun River Building, 2J to 2Q, with a monthly construction area of ​​800 square feet. It has a 600 square 呎 loft and rent 221 yuan. The new rent was reduced by $550,000 from the time gallery of the former tenant to sell watches and clocks, down by 240,000 yuan, a decrease of 43.6%.

CB Richard Ellis pointed out that the first quarter of this year, the rent of the ground floor recorded the first positive growth since 2014, and rose by 0.6% in the first half. Merchants such as tabletop beverage stores, personal care products and pharmacies were the most active in the first half of the year, and have rented multiple floor stores in the four major retail districts.