Frederick F.: The issue of the Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood is on the fault.

Feng Qiaoji, who has devoted himself to politics for most of his life in the ADPL, finally announced his withdrawal from the party he founded. Party members have been retaining. After he struggled, he still decided to go to the stage. To this day, “there is no party and one body." Feng Qiaoji said that the biggest problem of the ADPL is not the continuous reduction of seats, but the breakdown of members. The second and third generation members have withdrawn. “There is a problem with continuity." He believes that he is leaving or is a good thing. In the future, he will raise the ADPL. The outside world will not only think of Feng Qiaoji.

Reluctant to quit the WhatsApp group

From the book’s reflection to the withdrawal of the party to establish a pressure group, Frederick decided to end the 30-year career of the ADPL within three months. When he accepted the interview, he couldn’t help but reveal that he should have left the WhatsApp group, but he was too late to press the exit button. “If you fall, you will be completely cut (with the ADPL), and you will be depressed. During the visit, he could not change his mouth. When he mentioned the ADPL, he still said “we".

During the heyday of the ADPL, there were four Legislative Councillors and nearly 30 District Council members. By the time of the last legislature election, the entire army was annihilated and many people withdrew from the party. Feng Qiaoji experienced his own situation but did not agree that the ADPL was shrinking. He described the victory and defeat of the seats only as a common matter of the military. Like the British Labor Party and the Conservative Party, there were also ups and downs. “If you lose once, you feel that you have not finished playing, you have the work and the ability to do it, and you have the chance to win (the seats). “He said." He pointed out that many political parties have been reorganized and even disbanded. However, the ADPL has stood for more than 30 years and has been overfulfilled in people’s livelihood and poverty alleviation work.

Primary selection mechanism or unable to serve

Frederick bluntly said that winning or not has nothing to do with the work of political parties. The key is social climate and political events. He took Lige Village as an example. The parks in the villages and even the public toilets in the park were all won by him. The district election eventually lost to the Federation of Trade Unions, Xiao Ying Chen Yingxin, because the other party’s organization network was strong and frequent during the election. The district and the neighborhood greeted each other. “Winning and winning, it turns out that you are relying on you to do more."

In addition to the election, Frederick F. believes that the biggest problem of the ADPL is the fault. The second and third generation members have withdrawn, relying only on the elders and the new generation to support the whole party. Who is responsible? He recalls that each time the members are lost before and after the election, if the internal selection mechanism is not convincing to the parties, it is easy for someone to quit the party. However, he stressed that the party’s primary selection mechanism is formulated by the Central Committee, and he, including him, should bear responsibility.