Lantian Chun’an Court 2 Room Reduced price 400,000

The admission price of new homes in the urban area is less than $2 million. The second-hand green-type HOS flats in East Kowloon bear the brunt. The two-bedroom homes in Lam Tin Chun On Court will immediately reduce the price by $400,000. The property prices will return to the level of April.

Among the upcoming urban housing estates, Kai Tak Kai Lam Court will be able to board the car at the highest level of $1.69 million. It will have the greatest impact on the owners of Green Form Homeowners in Kowloon East. Xie Baozhao, director of the 21st Century Group, pointed out that there are about 100 green watches on the market in Lantian District and Yau Tong. The bank has contacted some of the owners, most of them are willing to cut prices. Among them, there are 3 rooms in the middle floor of Block E of Chun’an Court. The two rooms have an area of ​​506 square feet. The green table is priced at 5.8 million yuan. The current price is 400,000 yuan. The latest price is 5.4 million yuan, a decrease of 7%. The asking price level returned to the cost in April, when the D-house unit was sold at 5.35 million yuan (not replenished land price).

Oil Cuiyuan 3 rooms, the asking price is reduced by 200,000

In addition, the 2nd floor of Block D of Yucuiyuan has an area of ​​553 square feet and 3 rooms. It is now priced at 6.3 million yuan, which is 6.5 million yuan less than the original price, and the price is reduced by 200,000 yuan. Xie Baozhao continued, the green watch buyers have wait and see, there has been no green form transactions in the past weekend.

The market continued to record the price reduction. Xiang Zhi Real Estate Sales Director Hu Zhiwei pointed out that the middle floor G room of Jingxintai, Tuen Mun, has a usable area of ​​484 square feet and a price reduction of 200,000 yuan. The transaction price is 3.7 million yuan (not replenished land price)沽The price is 7,645 yuan. Secondly, the lower floor of Room N, Tianshengyuan, Tianshuiwei, has a practical area of ​​650 square feet. Huang Yiwen, senior regional manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that the unit has reduced 300,000 yuan to 4.9 million yuan and the price of 7,538 yuan.