Jin Hai first batch of 208 nearly 4.3 million on the train

The first batch of 208 shares, the first batch of 208, folded the average price of 12,788 yuan. Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder to describe the current offer for the “city of the price", the real estate has a sea subway, full conditions, later push units have room to increase, depending on the market reaction and then make a decision.

Centaline real estate Asia-Pacific vice chairman and president of residential Chen Yongjie said that the project price is sincere, is the starting price, the same district with the brand second-hand housing can not find this price; plus project units diversified, large units with sea view is more expensive , With the shock of the price that can be credible into a new generation of votes.

The first batch of the price of the project is close to the second hand in the region. The bank’s data show that the recent comparison of the sunrise Cannes recorded a turnover of about 12,000 yuan, of which the recent record The capital of 6 left-wing low-rise C room, the transaction price of about 6.268 million yuan, the practical area of ​​518 feet, practical price of about 12,100 yuan; as for the area of ​​the old Yin Yi Garden, recently recorded four high-rise A room transactions, practical Covering an area of ​​360 feet, the transaction price of about 4.58 million yuan, equivalent to practical price of about 12,722 yuan

Shanghai ifc mall gold medal

Xintian agency general manager Chen Hanlin said that the most flat room for a second (2B) 3 F room, the practical area of ​​340 feet, after deducting the maximum discount and rebate, the discount price of about 4.296 million yuan, 12% (Real estate area of ​​489 feet, the actual price of about 5.598 million yuan, folding real estate price of 11,448 yuan; three-bedroom unit for the most flat for the first one (1) 1B) 3 floor, Room B, the practical area of ​​624 feet, the discount price of about 7.72 million yuan, 12,372 yuan discounted real cost.

In addition, the winners of the Greater China 2018 start-up meeting, sponsored by Xindi’s Shanghai State Center Center (Shanghai ifc Mall) in Walt Disney (China), won the gold medal of the annual prize of the annual prize of the marketing mall promotion project The