HOS housing prices comparable to private housing this year, seven or more second-hand HOS flats 36 cases

A senior co-director of the Central Plains Property Research Department, Mr Wong Wing-sang, pointed out that there were 70 cases of registration of second-hand HOS flats (including HOS flats and secondary markets) worth $ 7 million or more since September 15, 2017 The Among them, 3017 recorded 36 cases, compared with 13 cases in 2016, significantly higher than 1.77 times. And 18 recorded in 2015, recorded in 2014, 3 cases. Hong Kong property prices have continued to rise, making second-hand quality HOS flats comparable to private housing estates. Newspaper reporter comprehensive report

Zhongyuan Huang Liangsheng said that six of the ten most expensive second-hand HOS flats were registered in 2017 and the remaining four were registered in 2015. Ranking the first three of the 2017 for the sale, the highest amount is the large angle Tsui Fu Rong Garden 9 high-rise G room, the transaction price of 8.818 million yuan. The second highest is Quarry Bay Kangshan Garden 3 high-rise G room, recorded 8.38 million yuan. The third high is the North Point Health Village 1 Kang Hui Court (3) high C room, recorded 8.33 million yuan.

Fu Rong Garden 2 more than 8 million turnover

On Hong Kong Island, the first five high-priced HOS flats in the region exceeded $ 8 million. Quarry Bay Kangshan Garden is the highest number of high-priced housing estates, accounting for 4 cases, 1 case of North Point Health Village.

In Kowloon, Tai Kok Tsui Fu Wing Garden is the most prominent, with over 2 million cases. Hung Hom home Victoria Village, Wong Tai Sin Deqiang Court and Diamond Hill Cai Yi Garden of high-priced transactions, were recorded 8 million yuan, 7.88 million yuan and 7.68 million yuan.

In the New Territories East, the five high-priced registrations in the area are all trades in Shatin Tsui Court. One of the highest is Sha Tin Yu Tsui Court Discovery Court (Block A) 2 high-rise room, the transaction price recorded 7.65 million yuan.

Fu’an Garden appreciation of more than 10 times

In the New Territories West, there were 2 cases and 3 high-priced deals in Tuen Mun Merlot Garden and Tsing Yi Wai King Garden respectively. The highest area is Tuen Mun Merlot Garden 4 high-rise D room, the transaction price of 7.48 million yuan. The second high is Tsing Yi Wei King Garden 4 middle E room, recorded 6.98 million yuan.

Century 21 Qi Feng Cheng Zijian said that the public housing system is about to tighten, to promote the green table to accelerate the pace of entry into the market. The market was recorded in Ma On Shan Fu On Garden, with four high-rise C rooms, with a usable area of ​​591 sq ft and a three-bedroom interval. Unit put the disk 3 months, the original price of 3.15 million yuan, the green table zero bargaining to 3.15 million yuan (two market price) to undertake, the effective area of ​​5,330 yuan per square foot.

Cheng Zijian said the original owner in January 1987 to purchase the site, when the price of 270,000 yuan (two market price), holding 30 years so far selling, book profit of 2.88 million yuan to leave, the unit appreciation of more than 10 times