Change the floor intended to rise, the region in the price of houses connected record. Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa re-recorded silver master traded, sold silver pool Road house price of only 18 million yuan, about 20% low market price.

Beverly Hills Villa re-recorded silver master trades.

Beverly Hills Villa this year, about 23 transactions, Century 21 Hao real estate Lu Jiarin said that the sale of silver pool Road double house, the practical area of ​​1,202 square feet, with five rooms and two rooms interval , About 10 square feet attached to the front and back gardens, the view of the sea view of the Gulf, the practical price of only four thousand four hundred sixty-four yuan, about 20% lower than the market price. Buyers believe that the price of the estate than the same area housing housing down to Liu Cheng, so semi-self-occupied half of the investment mentality into the market.

More than four thousand square feet of recreational halls

The estate will be re-auctioned at the end of this month at the end of this month. The auction will be made at the end of this month. Six million yuan, the price of about ten thousand five hundred and sixty five yuan. According to statistics, the purchase price of the first two years of 22.81 million yuan, the offer is lower than the current time about 6.5 percent.

China’s recreational estate real estate Wu Qiyang said, Tai Po Hong Lok Park 18 Street double house, the practical area of ​​about 1,389 square feet, the buyer to about 20 million purchase, practical price of about 1.44 Million yuan.

Songbaiyuan 27 years price increases 11 times

Centaline Property Zhou Weikhang said, Jiabong Shan Songyuan a separate house, the unit practical area of ​​1,954 square feet, recently to 58 million yuan change hands, the average practical price of about 27,900 yuan, The last two hundred and seven years the appreciation of about eleven times.

Individual owners will also rent their rare houses, the market refers to a foreign-owned enterprises held by the Southern District of Shek O a practical area of ​​more than 6,600 square feet of independent housing, the current intention of the monthly lease of about 600,000 yuan, Ninety one yuan.