Casting complex house sold nearly 100 million

High-priced luxury new account turnover emerged. New World Development (00017) Tsim Sha Tsui cast cast yesterday to tender in the form of high-level multi-storey mansion, the transaction price of nearly 100 million yuan, 50,000 yuan per square foot a record high.

Name cast high-rise complex mansion, foot price of 50,000 yuan changed hands, a record high.

13 special customers with the sale

Casting yesterday sold 66 floor C room duplex units, the practical area of ​​1,974 square feet, the transaction price of 98.7 million yuan. The group offers a total of 38 specialists, sells 17 associates and 8 complex households. The project has been sold for sale.

According to the news, the project is responsible for the sale of Kowloon Tong The Grampian sold the third floor of Room B, the unit practical area of ​​2,077 square feet, the average practical price of about 34,665 yuan.

The Grampian sold seven groups, the sales amount of about 480 million yuan. It is learned that the implementation of the fare increase during the project day, about 8 to 10% increase in the price of individual parking spaces will be raised from the current 3 million to about 3.3 million yuan.

As for the same kind of Sha Tin Mount Vienna since the acceptance of the site since, has recorded about 600 visits, expected the fastest week to implement sales arrangements.

Huang Tinghui two house price increase to sell

A number of luxury new plate also increase. One of the two houses in Kowloon Tong Wong Court, which has a ceiling of 7,083 square feet, the garden and rooftop area is 737 square feet and 1,661 square feet, respectively. 280 million yuan, raised to 330 million yuan, an increase of about 17.9%, foot prices rose to 46,590 yuan.

As for the nine units in Kowloon Tong, 4 units also increased by 4.5 to 16.7%.