Kaihui second phase 76 group of surplus goods up to 2%

Kaihui second phase 76 group of surplus goods up to 2%

This month’s new unit sales totaled 1700 gangs, close to the monthly level of the previous month, led by Xinzhi (0083), launched last month, and sold about 1450 gangs of Kwun Tong Kaihui Phase I In the second phase, the developer revised the price list last night and will increase the price of the remaining 76 items that had been previously sold but not sold, up to 2%. In addition, it is the same as the 8th Yibai Bay, Baishijiao, Tai Po. It is expected to carry out the second round of sales at the beginning of next week.

Yi Yi Wan 8 will be on sale for the first time next week

Since the sale last month, the company has cashed in about HK$17.7 billion. The latest 76 companies, all of which are in the second phase, have a saleable area ranging from 391 to 962 square meters. The increase is about 1% to 2%. It is a two-time increase. Take the 3rd floor, K room, 37th floor, for example, the utility area is 569 square feet, 2 rooms are separated, the latest price is 15.976 million yuan (real 28,062 yuan), which is 15.81 million yuan more than the price list of 5B on January 17 (actually 27,787 yuan), an increase of about 1%; if compared with the first price of 15.654 million yuan ($27,511) on January 11, the cumulative price increase in the past two weeks is about 2%. The company maintains a maximum discount of 20.5%, that is, the latest discounted price of the above units is 12.6933 million yuan, which is equivalent to 22,309 yuan.

In addition, Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that a total of 174 gangs were sold out of the Yi Yi Wan 8 recently sold, with a cash flow of about 1.33 billion yuan, an average of 13,740 yuan, and a total of 118 people who have been pushed forward today. It is expected to be released in the second round at the beginning of next week.

Yu·Gaomen Duplex 48.1 million low last year 7% of the same kind of Huaying Jiulongcheng Royal•Gaomen tender sold the last 1 group of duplex households, located in Room D of 58 and 59, with a saleable area of ​​2199 square feet, the transaction price was 48.1 million yuan, 21,874 yuan. It can be noted that another 2114 square penthouse unit in the same floor was sold at 50 million yuan in August last year, which was RMB 23,652. That is, the price of the new unit was 7.5% lower than that of the same type last year.

Henderson 6 to send New Year’s Daly City up to 220,000

In addition, the property sold by Henderson (0012) Business (2) is followed by Fanling Golf • Royal Garden and Xiying Pan Yi Li Fang • No. 1, providing “New Year’s Day" discount, and another 4 properties, including Da Jiaozui Aofang Kai’an, Ho Man Tin, Kadoorie, Dakeng, and Ap Lei Chau, also added cash rebates, ranging from 68,000 to 218,000 yuan. The promotion period is from 28th to 12th February. (The eighth day of the first month), it is expected that 163 units in 6 sets will enjoy the above offers.