Deng Chengbo, 36.77 million, bought 4 old buildings in Kowloon City

Deng Chengbo, 36.77 million, bought 4 old buildings in Kowloon City

The redevelopment value of old buildings in the urban area. The old buildings at 31-33, Qianwei Road, Jiulong City were acquired by related persons of the Deng Chengbo family. They purchased 3 groups of 367.71 million yuan for purchase of 4 groups. The purchase price was about 17,000 yuan. 15%.

54 years old, can rebuild 21,300 floor

Thanks to the concept of the infrastructure of the Huisha Central Line, the old buildings in Kowloon City have attracted consortia to speed up mergers and acquisitions in recent years. According to the information of the EPRC Economic Property Database, there were 4 transactions in the 31st to 33rd front roads, involving a total of about 36.71 million yuan. The transaction price ranged from 6.919 million to 10.2 million yuan, with a unit area of ​​407 to 600 square feet. The average purchase price was about 17,000 yuan. The new buyer is Liu Yuting, who has repeatedly acquired the old building property for the senior investor Deng Chengbo.

The above property is adjacent to gold. Yumen, a unilateral location, is currently a 6-storey building with a building age of about 54 years. It has a ground floor and the remaining floors are residential. It involves about 17 people. It is currently classified as a Category A development of residential buildings with a site area of ​​about 2,370 square feet. If it is developed at a maximum of 9 times the plot ratio, it can redevelop about 21聽300 square feet.

Mahjong King King Buy Mong Kok Jinbao Building Unit

The gold in the same district is about 3 years old. Yumen and the 5 years of THE AVERY, the recent second-hand price ranged from 20,000 to 23,000 yuan, compared with the purchase price of about 17,000 yuan, the low price of second-hand price in the same district is about 15% to 25%.

In recent years, the Deng Chengbo family has developed a number of acquisition sites in Kowloon City, including the acquisition of over 80% of the old buildings at No. 3 to No. 13 on the former road. It is estimated that the redevelopment of residential buildings will be about 63,000 square feet. The 1st to 3rd floors of the building are elderly care centres, which are close to French hospitals and have the potential to develop elderly social welfare services.

In addition, the Land Registry indicated that Room A, 4th Floor, Jinbao Building, Prince Edward Road, Mong Kok, was registered with a change of 8 million yuan. The buyers were Shi Hengcong, Shi Hengchang, Shi Yilan, Shi Peilan, and members of the Shishi Museum. The unit has a usable area of ​​652 square feet and the transaction price is 12,270 yuan. The information shows that the property has been 53 years old and does not rule out further purchases by buyers in the future.