4 Properly support Hong Kong stocks to pounce at 30000

4 Properly support Hong Kong stocks to pounce at 30000. A-share rally and prosperous

Mainland A-shares were up 2.5%, the market investment sentiment was high, and 6 blue-chips broke. Hong Kong stocks hit a nine-month high, driven by four factors, rising 396 points and hitting 30,000 points. According to the analysis of the investment community, whether Hong Kong stocks can stabilize 30,000 this time is all about whether the A-shares can continue to rise and whether the company’s guidance on this year’s performance is optimistic.

At present, the four major factors that stimulate Hong Kong stocks include: (1) A-shares have more than enough upswings and transactions are booming; (2) Corporate profits are generally in line with expectations, and the company’s profit forecast will be a new impetus for the market; (3) Federal Reserve Bureau Chairman Powell revealed the information related to the contraction after the meeting; (4) Sino-US trade negotiations are progressing smoothly, and the relationship between the two sides has been greatly eased.

Heavy stocks rose, Hong Kong Stock Exchange 52 weeks high

Sino-US trade talks are heading in a positive direction, investors’ risk appetite is heating up, and Hong Kong stocks are rising more and more under the influence of A-shares. Ten strong stocks in the bull market Tencent (00700), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) and Ping An (02318) Both have an ideal performance, of which the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has a new 52-week high. At this stage, the Hang Seng Index is less than 600 points away from the 30000.

Boeing accident continued to ferment, US stocks traded in a narrow range in the early session. As of 0:00 this morning, Hong Kong night rose 13 points to 29,398 points; taking into account the performance of all blue chips in American Depositary Receipts (ADR), the Hang Seng Index fell 59 point.

Liang Zhenhui, head of Standard Chartered Hong Kong Wealth Management Investment Strategy, said that Hong Kong stocks were trading yesterday, reflecting the strong interest of investors in the market. Coupled with the consolidation of Hong Kong stocks after last week’s consolidation, the Hang Seng Index is expected to be on the trend of the current market. Try 30000, but if you can stabilize it, it depends on the performance of A shares. “Hong Kong stocks have been taken away by A shares this year. As long as A shares are up, Hong Kong stocks can keep up."

He said that the current risk of entering the market is not too high, and those who have the goods can continue to hold it. There is no need to rush to stock up. Investors can absorb technology stocks. For conservative ones, they can choose consumer stocks supported by the national policy, or have common stocks with stable dividends. share.

Founder Hong Kong Gold Control Director Lin Zijun is also optimistic about the Hong Kong stock market outlook, he believes that Sino-US trade tension has eased, so investors are relieved, even if the trade talks have not reached the “good weather" stage, but last year plagued the market The haze has largely subsided, and the pace of interest rate hikes in the United States has slowed down. The funds that hedged earlier have returned to the market, which will help promote the investment market atmosphere.

Compared with US stocks, Lin Zijun said that the valuation of China and Hong Kong stock market is still attractive. BOC Hong Kong (02388) and Hang Seng (00011), which have the concept of Dawan District, are also worthy of paying attention to the insurance stocks that directly benefit from the A-share market.

Beishui continued to stock up, and Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai and Shenzhen) net outflow of 251 million yuan yesterday, of which the domestic bank was the “hardest hit", and CCB (00939) and Agricultural Bank of China (01288) had a net outflow of 690 million and 2.15 billion respectively. , PetroChina (00857) is net suction