The total supply of Tuen Mun’s wats is 3,100

The total supply of Tuen Mun’s wats is 3,100.

At the beginning of this year, the industry generally expected that the new year’s annual turnover would be 18,000, and even have the opportunity to challenge the annual new high since the implementation of the First-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the first-hand new case) in April 2013. Recently, the new market conditions have been active again. Large-scale new flats have been approved for sale. Apart from Tai Po Pak Shek Kok, it is still the first-hand supply. Last month, China Evergrande (03333) was awarded a large-scale project in Tuen Mun. The pre-sales have enabled the number of flats to be sold in the vicinity of the Swift to increase by 1982. The total supply is more than 3,100. The number is almost equal to that of Pak Shek Kok. Together with Cheung Sha Wan, it has become the three major supply banks for the new market.

Evergrande Guancui Road 1982 unit into a new reinforcement

Last year, Evergrande purchased a plot of No. 8 Tuen Mun Guan Cui Road from Henderson Land (00012) for about 6.6 billion yuan. The project was developed in two phases, with 754 teams in the first phase and 1,228 partners in the second phase. A total of 1982 teams in the two phases were approved for pre-sale in February, which led to a sharp increase in the supply of the area around the city.

At present, there are still a number of new discs in the market, which are still waiting to be digested by the market. Among them, Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong) has the largest amount of upstream cargoes. The project provides 1154 gangs. There are still 512 gangs available for sale; the full name mountain developed by NWFA and Kerry (00683) of Wheelock Properties will have about 70 and 83 people to be accepted, so that more than 2,600 units can be launched in the market immediately. Together with Wing Tai Real Estate (00369), which is pending the pre-sale of No. 108 (465 gang), the total supply in the district is about 3,112, which is second only to the current largest supply of Baishijiao.

At present, the most residential supply in Hong Kong is at Pak Shek Kok. There are 1860 gangs at the end of the cargo. Together with the new project, Yijing Development’s Hairiwan II (1408 mate), a total of 3,268 gangs can be sold immediately, plus the research roads for sale. No. Langtao (723 gang), the potential supply of the district will reach 3,991.

The Cheung Sha Wan (including Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po) is the main supply bank in the urban area. Apart from the new site (00016), Cheung Sha Wan, Nam Cheong Station, Sheung Wan Estate, Phase 5 (1172), Cheung Shau (01113) and the URA The development of Aihai (876 gang) and Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong) in Furong Street and Yingpan Street projects also have the opportunity to be sold in the first half of the year. The reconstruction project will have the Hengdi (00012) Yuanzhou Street project (about 200 gangs), together with A small number of cargo tails such as Huishui, Huiyi II, and the Luhua family’s Sham Shui Po AVA 228, the supply of more than 2,900 people in the district, has become the main new supply pool in the urban area.

The total supply of the above three districts exceeds 10,000. If the items to be sold for sale are deducted, there will be more than 7,480 people in the immediate sale.