Be wary of price and divergence

Be wary of price and divergence

On the A-share market, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes rose by 2.47% and 3.07% respectively. Among them, domestic demand stocks performed strongly, and many liquor stocks rose daily. However, at the same time as the index rose sharply, the turnover of the two cities failed to regain the above-mentioned level of more than one trillion yuan. The situation of shrinking prices is worthy of vigilance. There is also doubt as to whether the uptrend can continue.

After the Shanghai stock index smashed for about two weeks at 3000 points, there was no expected correction, but it went up further. It rose 2.47% yesterday and closed at 3,096 points. However, as the author has observed for many years, in the case of stable market conditions, A shares have been rising inertia on Monday, but if the transaction fails to cooperate, most of them will retreat in the next few days.

Wine company drug stocks real estate

Yesterday, the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 832.6 billion yuan. Although it increased by more than 80 billion yuan from last Friday, the average daily turnover from last week was 939.1 billion yuan, still about 100 billion yuan less. The market turnover has not been maintained at the level of over one trillion yuan. It can be seen that the enthusiasm of investors entering the market has gradually cooled down after the end of the two sessions.

In addition to the fact that the science and technology board began accepting applications, no other important positive news was announced yesterday, but the market still showed strong growth. In the current situation, investors still have strong confidence in the market outlook, and there is not much money to choose to leave the market.

According to WIND statistics, the main fund continued to flow into the domestic demand sector yesterday, and the food and pharmaceutical sectors attracted 2.67 billion yuan and 1.82 billion yuan respectively. Among them, Wuliangye (000858.SZ) recorded the most major capital inflows, amounting to 910 million, driving the stock to limit. In addition, Guizhou Maotai (600519.SH) and Luzhou Laojiao (000568.SZ) also received a net inflow of 436 million yuan and 257 million yuan respectively. In the overall winemaking sector, more than 20 shares have risen by more than half.

Not only did the wine companies prosper, but the performance of the pharmaceutical stocks was also outstanding. There were about 10 pharmaceutical companies with daily limit, and more than 60 of them were recorded. Leading pharmaceutical companies rose strongly. Kangmei Pharmaceutical (600518.SH) absorbed a net inflow of 412 million yuan from the main fund, and the daily limit; Pien Tze Huang (600436.SH) also recorded a net inflow of 256 million yuan, the stock price 7.75% .

In addition, the performance of the real estate sector is not bad, the two leading A-share industry Vanke (000002.SZ) and Poly Real Estate (600048.SH), respectively, attracted 339 million yuan and 237 million yuan of net capital inflows, driving the stock price More than 4%. The market generally owes the real estate stocks to the recent cities including Shenzhen, which is related to the reduction of mortgage interest rates.

In fact, most of the high-quality domestic stocks performed well yesterday. The support of foreign capital should also be remembered. Last week, the Shanghai-Shenzhen stock market had a net outflow, but in the past three trading days, the northbound trading returned to a net inflow. On Monday, the net inflow to the north was as high as 3.388 billion yuan, the highest level since the last 9 trading days.

Do not touch the fried small and medium-sized stocks

In fact, the author has repeatedly mentioned in this column that high-quality blue chips and white horse stocks with good performance and low valuation are worthy of bargain hunting. With the increase in the number of foreign-invested A-shares and the adoption of long-term strategies for overseas funds, it is believed that sustainable growth of high-quality blue chips and white horse stocks will continue. In the medium and long term, such stocks are expected to continue to outperform the market.

On the contrary, some speculations that are too strong and have no actual performance support are likely to become targets of selling in the face of shrinking market transactions. Yesterday, although the company started accepting applications, the related concept stocks did not reproduce the speculation. The venture capital concept company Zhangjiang Hi-Tech (600895.SH) actually recorded a net outflow of 729 million yuan, which dragged down the stock price by 4.42%.

At present, the A-stock market situation is still very delicate. On the one hand, investors have a high level of the current market, and there are certain doubts about whether the market can maintain its strength. The attitude of some funds entering the market tends to be cautious; on the other hand, the macro economy remains stable. Under the situation, market participants remain optimistic about the economic and stock market prospects and are not planning to leave the market.

Although the market rose sharply on Monday, the author tends to believe that in the absence of strong support, the market has a good chance to maintain a volatile pattern. Therefore, in addition to low-value, high-quality blue chips, small and medium-sized enterprises that lack performance support are still less likely to encounter it.