Turnover of over HK$900 million

Turnover of over HK$900 million

The time and manner of the British “Brexit" was unresolved and did not affect the operation of the art market. Sotheby’s auction of 39 works sold 32 pieces, with a turnover rate of 82% and a turnover of 8770. Ten thousand pounds (about 910 million Hong Kong dollars), almost the highest estimate before the flat shot.

Commemorating the death of a painter for a hundred years

Among the many works, the Austrian painter Egon Schiele’s famous painting “Trieste Fishing Boat" recorded a record price of 10.7 million pounds (about 110 million Hong Kong dollars), Schiller’s body shape Known for its delicate depiction, “The Trieste Fishing Boat" is the work of the artist’s active moments, witnessing the shift of his creative focus from portrait to surroundings. The auction also featured Schiller’s other works, including an intimate portrait of the girl Gilti’s “Auf dem Bauch liegendes M?dchen", which was sold for £1.6 million (approximately HK$16.7 million). To commemorate the death of this artist for 100 years.

Alberte Giacometti, a Swiss painter and sculptor, painted the 1959 portrait of Annette, which recorded a record price of 3.3 million pounds (about 34.5 million Hong Kong dollars); German expressionist painter Kiel Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s lively and bright “Girl on a Divan" also sold for £3.9 million (over HK$40 million).

Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist, went to Munich to study Impressionist paintings and emerging styles at the beginning of the last century. His abstract painting “Improvisation on Mahogany" was painted in 1928. Only one person bidding for 6.1 million pounds (about 63.63 million Hong Kong dollars).

After the auction of Impressionist and modern art, the surrealist night shot began, and the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte painted 5.3 million pounds in L’Etoile du matin in 1938. Approximately HK$55.28 million).

Followed by a transparent series of paintings by the French Dadaist painter Francis Picabia, ATRATA, a total of seven buyers rushed to bid, and the competition was fierce, eventually 3.7 million pounds (about 38.68 million Hong Kong dollars) The price of the deal.