Royal Mid-Levels II weekend or two new discs received 1230 votes

Royal Mid-Levels II weekend or two new discs received 1230 votes

Two new properties in the Northwest New Territories were opened last week, and the past weekend (15th and 16th) were invoiced. Although the property market was plagued by negative factors such as Sino-US trade disputes, and yesterday (16th) there was opposition to the revision of “Fugitives". The large-scale parade of the Ordinance was held but it did not affect the prospective purchasers. The new land (00016) Tuen Mun Yuen Shan Shan Phase II and New World (00017) Yuen Long Estate had a total of more than 1230 votes in the past two days. Mid-Levels II received more than 900 votes, an excess of about 7.3 times; also over-purchased about 2 times and recorded more than 330 votes. Both developers plan to push a new batch of units in the short term, and the two have a chance to face each other this weekend.

Sham Shui Po’s Royal Mid-Levels II is located at the sales office of the International Trade Centre (ICC) in Kowloon Station, Tsim Sha Tsui. For the first time in the past week, the demonstration units were opened for public visits and invoices. The reporters saw the crowds at the scene yesterday afternoon. The atmosphere is high, with family and young customers as the mainstay. The queues at the lift lobby of the ICC 3rd floor are waiting for the sales office. From the MTR station to the sales office, there are also a large number of estate agents in the shopping arcade. “Fishing" sells real estate.

Over 7.3 times in the same area

The project has recorded 400 tickets for the first day of the Saturday (15th). The developer announced yesterday that it has received more than 800 votes at 6:30 in the evening. Zhang Zhuo Xiumin, general manager of Xindi Agency Business Department, pointed out that 70% of the customers came from Tuen Mun, 25% from other parts of the New Territories, and the rest came from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The response was very satisfactory and plans to push it at any time. According to market news, the project received more than 900 votes last night, with the first price of 108 people, over 7.3 times.

Located in No. 8 Jingxiuli, the Royal Mid-Levels II offers 495 gangs with a usable area of ​​250 to 854 square meters. It is expected to enter the company at the end of August next year. The first price list involves 108 gangs, and the average price is 15166 yuan.

New World’s Yuen Long, the first opening of the exhibition hall in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan on Saturday for visitors to visit and collect tickets, the same as the visitors, the reporter saw at the scene at 2:30 pm yesterday, the scene is equally lively. The visitor, Mr. Liao, said that he is a passenger and intends to purchase a house for marriage purposes with a budget of about 5 million yuan.

New World: Mainly for small and medium-sized households

Huang Haoxian, Director of New World Development Business and Marketing, pointed out that among the entrants, the largest number of visitors in Yuen Long District accounted for about 60%, of which half of the households and young passengers were in the same area; People account for about 40%. Huang Haoxian believes that the application for the new phase of HOS flats has been enthusiastic, reflecting the market’s rigid demand for housing, especially small and medium-sized units, while the main ones are 1 and 2 rooms, so they are full of confidence in the project. He revealed that the group will start selling on this Saturday (22nd) as soon as possible depending on the receipt response and other circumstances, and decide to increase the number of units.

Located at No. 99, 18 Township Road, Yuen Long, after being approved for sale on Friday, the first price list was issued, involving a total of 110 people, with an average price of 16,266 yuan. The developer announced yesterday that it had received more than 330 votes as of 8:00 last night. It was calculated by the first batch of 110 people and doubled. A total of 313 gangs are available, with a usable area of ​​230 to 577 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021. Together with the Royal Mid-Levels II, the two sets totaled more than 1,230 votes. This weekend, there is a good chance to face each other.