One hand, two days, 64 people, the main source of support

One hand, two days, 64 people, the main source of support

Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong)’s Tuen Mun, Shun Shun, issued a new guideline in response to the Real Estate Developers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Land Development Association). A new price list was issued last week, together with other units, yesterday (16th) for a total of 251 Guy, the developer revealed that 30 people were sold on the same day. Shangyuan has supported the sales of the past weekend (15th and 16th). In the past two days, the overall new market sold about 64 people, up 78% on a weekly basis.

Shangyuan followed the guidelines of the construction of the local government. Last week, it issued a new price list of 145, and the first building of the first building, together with other units, sold a total of 251 groups yesterday, including the launch of 162 gangs through price lists. 89 groups were launched in the form of tenders. The developer announced last night that the market sold 30 groups, including 11 one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom and three three-bedroom households; Shangyuan accumulated 903 gangs, accounting for 1124 gangs of the project’s saleable units. %, cashing nearly 5.7 billion yuan.

The Kowloon East Kai Tak Long Yu, a subsidiary of Poly Real Estate (00119), also sold 9 units of fare increase in the past, and sold 7 groups on the same day, with more than 58 million yuan in a single day. According to market sources, there are two groups of big-handed customers who bought 3 groups and 2 groups, involving more than 22 million and more than 16.3 million yuan.

Other new discs were mainly sold at the end of the shipment. Among them, Henderson Land (00012) had a better sales response, and sold 8 groups in two days. Xindi (00016) Yuen Long PARK YOHO Napoli two days and three groups, other new The discs are each 1 to 2 people. In the past weekend, the new disk mainly sold small and medium-sized units. The larger transaction was only Kerry (00683) Ho Mantian, and on Saturday, it sold 10 units of Room A on the 6th floor with a price of 34.66 million yuan. The practical area was 943 square meters, and the price was 36755 yuan. The transaction period is 738 days.

In the past weekend, 16 new discs sold a total of 64 gangs. Shangyuan accounted for about 47% of the total, and supported the new sales on Saturday and Sunday. The overall first-hand sales were 36 units sold in the previous week (8 and 9). , by 78% by week.