Central Plains: valuation index rose to reflect the bank building by the business trend

(The main bank) CVI, reported 60.81 points, up 59.51 points last week, up 1.3 points, the latest announcement of the Central Plains valuation index (the main bank) CVI, reported 60.81 points, And even rose for two weeks, the cumulative rise of 3.39 points, indicating that the bank to fight for business by the attitude towards a positive.

Zhongyu Research Department senior co-director Huang Liangsheng said, CVI bottomed out to confirm the end of 5 consecutive weeks below 60 points low wandering, I believe in October CVI will continue to rise, which means steady upward trend in property prices.

Huang Liangsheng: floor prices rose steadily

In fact, earlier CVI fell 6 weeks, from 78.39 points continued to drop to 59.51 points, the cumulative decline of 18.88 points or 24%. CVI after the apparent stabilized, 7 weeks continued at 60 o’clock hovering, the highest 60.94 points, the lowest 56.77 points. The last two weeks CVI appears even up, is 16 weeks, that is about 4 months to reproduce, I believe CVI has bottomed out and return to more than 60 points level.

The bank is in a good way

Nearly 7 weeks CVI up and down at 60 o’clock, during which four liters of three down, reflecting the trend of property prices in the same period the Central Plains city leading index CCL, at 160 o’clock hovering, look forward to the end of the low level of CVI wandering, Pick up the rails.

Huang Liangsheng said, if the CVI in more than 60 points hovering, reflecting the Bank of Air good property market, property prices also upward. CVI in 40 points below the hovering, reflecting the bank Dili property market, property prices will be down. CVI in 40 to 60 points between the wandering, not yet appeared, we can see the bank on the floor by the state is a clear light.