Huang Zhu Hang all the buildings and the construction of this year temporarily 4 cases

This year, the most prosperous area of ​​business and construction will be Wong Chuk Hang, temporarily recorded four full-size industrial and commercial transactions, involving up to 6 billion yuan, expected the area to continue to see the consortium.

(Hong Kong) Limited, selling three properties in Hong Kong, involving 388 million yuan, involving the property, including firewood, which is engaged in the printing service of Konica Minolta Business Systems (Hong Kong) Limited. The 2 / F, 2 / F, Quarry Bay East Center Basement, with an area of ​​36,097 sq ft and $ 354 million sold to Naval Empire Global Limited, with an area of ​​12,157 sq ft, The average price of 7,336 yuan per foot.

Standard center of the whole building 14.8 million sold

Count to the most prosperous area of ​​transactions, certainly for the Wong Chuk Hang, recently on the 23th Road, Huang Zhu Hang Road, the whole center, was approved by the multi-channel consortium, the project eventually sold to 1.48 billion yuan, the buyer for the Acer Capital (02288). The property has a height of 15 floors and a site area of ​​about 7,148 square feet. At the end of 2015, the subsidy will be 10.47 million yuan, which can be reconstructed for commercial purposes. The floor area is about 107,000 square feet. To 14.8 billion market value, the floor price of about 13,800 yuan, due to the project has been compensated land price, so the floor price is higher than the average building height.

Empire to buy Tianfeng Building more than 9 business rights

This year, Huang Zhu Hang has recorded four large-scale industrial and commercial transactions, the Empire Group twice into the market, the beginning of the year to buy Renfu depot building, then 1.75 billion yuan, the purchase of 63 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Tianfeng Industrial Building, more than 8 into (Hereinafter referred to as “other designated use (trade)", then the Group then recruited $ 247 million to acquire the remaining four properties, each unit purchase price of 35.289 million to 8,754.3 million Yuan, has about 97% of the title, only one group failed to acquire, have the opportunity to be unified through the strong title, can be built to 276,600 square feet of floor area. If the current empire total of about 1.98 billion acquisition, the floor price of about 7,239 yuan per square foot.

In addition, a total of about $ 1.2 billion for the 12th floor of Zhixing Industrial Building, No. 10, Hongye Road, Wong Chuk Hang, the property covers an area of ​​about 9,100 square feet and is now a 16-storey high industrial building which was completed in 1974. The gross floor area is approximately 110,700 square feet. The site is planned for “other designated uses (trade) (1)), with a maximum floor area of ​​about 136,500 square feet and a land price of about $ 8,791 per square foot at about $ 1.2 billion. China Construction Group won the highest voice of the property.

Ping Li-tung, director of the first Pacific Davis Industrial Development and Investment Division, said that after the opening of the MTR, the distance between the Hong Kong Island and the traditional business district of Hong Kong attracted the consortium to absorb the industrial buildings in the district and redeveloped commercial buildings. He said that the overall support of the current Huangzhu Hang area is not yet perfect, the future MTR station cover residential and shopping malls completed, the expected business climate. He said that the bulk of the property rights of the Wong Chuk Hang Labor Department was the main result of the acquisition and reunification of the property rights, and there were several full-fledged industrial buildings in the district.