MOUNT VIENNA penthouse increase of 11%

Shatin MOUNT VIENNA, which was developed by Xingsheng (00896) and AG ASIA, revised the price list yesterday. The latest price of the penthouse unit of the B-room on the 7th to 8th floor was 118 million yuan, an increase of 11.3%. The new sales will be announced shortly. arrangement.

Shatian MOUNT VIENNA sold 9 gangs, accounting for 75% of the total 12 gangs, and cashed in about 440 million yuan. The penthouses of the B-rooms on the 7th to 8th floors of the project changed the price list to RMB 118 million yesterday, compared with the previous price of 106 million yuan. , 9-month markup 11.3%. Compared with last September, the first price list was 103 million yuan, an increase of 14.6%.

Mr. Zhou Jiafeng, managing director of Xingsheng Project, said that the design of the unit was based on orchestral music. The fare increase mainly involved the sale of the existing building and the decoration furniture. The decoration and design fee was about 10 million yuan. Therefore, the price is expected to be the same as the transaction price of the same room A. Exclusively represented by Li Jiage.

Cheung Sha Wan WEST PARK deployment next year

The Group’s Changsha Bay, WEST PARK, provides 63 people, including 1 to 3 bedrooms, which will be deployed in the first half of next year. The project is being negotiated in the first half of the year, and the project is being negotiated. THE GRAMPIAN’s luxury home. Zhou said that the rate hike is moderate, and the number of mortgages for luxury home buyers is low, and the impact on them is small, and the supply of luxury homes is small. The luxury residential market is expected to develop steadily.

In addition, the Group has partnered with AG ASIA to purchase 383 Tai Chi Xuan 138 at 138 Continent Road, providing 53 rooms. It is planned to be refurbished for rental purposes and develop a boutique hotel with potential for office development. .