Shau ​​Kei Yi Yi price reduction Individual disguise minus 13%

After the bank raised interest rates, the company took the lead in reducing the price. The developer revised the price list yesterday. The individual units reduced the price by about 10% in a few months, plus a new “folding discount" or a family discount, and the price was reduced to 13 in disguise. %.

Bank interest rate increase developer price adjustment

Lai Sun (00488) and the URA in cooperation with the URA, announced the first price list on August 17, and sold 80 in early September. They sold 5 groups on the same day. As of yesterday, there was no new transaction in the closing register. . Approximately one month apart, the bank raised interest rates last month, and under the influence of the second-hand property market, the developer made price adjustments yesterday, including a 10% price reduction, and increased payment offers, such as discounts, gift certificates, etc., the highest in disguise. The price is about 13%.

First, the developer will directly reduce the price of 12 units in the price list by 10%. For example, the B room on the 5th floor has an area of ​​286 square feet. It is open-ended and the latest price list is 6.156 million, which is 6.84 million flatter than that in August. 684,000, a decrease of 10%.

Add 540 days for 4% discount

In addition to the original 180 days for 8% discount, the new 540 days will be offered for 4% discount; the second will be added 2 discounts, the first is 3% “folding discount", the second is the family discount, the designated unit Buyers can choose from 60,000, 120,000 vouchers or 55,000 and 110,000 pricing discounts.

Take the F room on the 12th floor as an example, the area is 386 square feet, belonging to 1 room, the price in August is 9.716 million, the latest price is 8.744 million, the price is reduced by 10%. If all the discounts and concessions are taken into account, the latest discounted price will be reduced to 7.705 million yuan, and the discounted price will be 19,900 yuan, which is 893,800 yuan lower than the initial 8% discount, and the sharply reduced price is 1,233,800, a decrease of 13.8%.

Pan Ruimin, senior vice president of Lixin Development, said that the purpose of this price adjustment is to increase the attractiveness of the market. It also means that the current market is full of fun, and the customers should have more concessions to attract buyers’ attention. It is also said that Yi Yi belongs to a single building. Instead of increasing the publicity fee, it is better to adjust the price to the buyer.

However, it is worth noting that the five units sold at the beginning of last month did not arrange for new concessions for the buyers. For example, Room B on the 11th floor, with a price of 6,575,300 on September 1. The B room on the 12th floor of the price reduction yesterday, with a 13% discount, has a discounted price of about 5.733 million yuan, which is more than 840,000 yuan than the lower-level units.

On the other hand, Nanfeng and Feng Resources cooperated with Shouchenshan Deepwater Bay Trail No. 8 to announce the second sales arrangement, and newly launched a 10th floor B room and 2 10th floor C room bidding. The unit has a usable area of ​​3,641 and 4,214 square meters.呎, sold in a one-day one-time tender, the tender period is next Wednesday (10th) from 1 pm to 2 pm. The project’s first push of 7 groups of bidding units has been closed for bidding. As of today, no announcement has been made.