Cuihua Garden High-rises, 3 days price reduction

The price of homes in the New Territories has dropped. The high-end households in Tsui Wah Garden in Sha Tin have reduced their prices by 220,000 yuan. The transaction price was 4.38 million yuan and they returned to the beginning of the year.

Zheng Hungwen, a wealthy real estate developer, revealed that the second floor of Block B of Cuihua Garden in Shatian has a usable area of ​​271 square feet. The asking price is 4.6 million yuan. The price is reduced by 220,000 yuan in 3 days, and it is sold at 4.38 million yuan. The price is 16,162 yuan. The buyer is the boarding passenger and immediately enters the market.

The price of the same-type property was as high as 4.82 million yuan, that is, the construction cost of the site fell by about 9% from the high. The original owner entered the market with 850,000 yuan in 2006, holding the goods for 12 years, and the book appreciation was 4 times.

Jue Yueting 2 rooms, price reduction of 750,000 transactions

Secondly, the 6th floor of Block A of Riverside Garden in the same district has a practical area of ​​269 square feet. The owner originally requested a price of 5.1 million yuan. Due to the worsening market sentiment, the price was reduced to 4.75 million yuan, a decrease of 6.9%.

In addition, the third floor of the lower level of the Jue Yuet Ting Court in Tsuen Wan has a usable area of ​​464 square feet, which is a two-bedroom interval. The owner originally requested a price of 7.6 million yuan (the bank is estimated to be 7.5 million yuan), and the price is posted at the market price, which is affected by the market sentiment. Yesterday, the price was reduced by 750,000 yuan, with a change of 6.85 million yuan, and the price was 14,763 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.68 million yuan in 2011, and the profit for the 7-year period was 3.17 million yuan.

On the other hand, Xiang Yi Real Estate Sales Director Lin Jialun revealed that the low-rise Room D of the 8th Lehu Residence of Jiahu Mountain Villa in Tianshuiwei has a usable area of ​​551 square feet. The original price was 6.2 million yuan. It was reduced to 5.78 million yuan yesterday, a decrease of 6.8%.