Unified Center Parking Lot Full-floor sale

Investor Jibao sells the entire parking lot of the Admiralty Central Park, with an intent price of about 280 million yuan.

Mr. Fang Weiqing, senior director of Savills Davis and head of the store sales department, was commissioned by the owner to sell the full-floor parking lot on the 7th floor of the Admiralty Center. The closing date was 12 noon on November 19.

This level of parking lot provides 61 parking spaces and 3 truck parking spaces. The intent price is 280 million yuan, and the average value of each parking space is about 4.375 million yuan.

She pointed out that the property is a rare full-floor covered car park in Central, covering an area of over 27,000 square feet. It is reported that the property was held by Ji Bao and was purchased for 160 million yuan in the early years.