Ma Tau Wai Road Shop price 53.6 million

In the Minzhu Bay, which is a residential area of ​​the people’s livelihood, the area has been extensively built in recent years. In addition to the Shazhong Line project, a number of urban renewal projects have been carried out one after another. The future population is expected to increase rapidly, which is expected to drive demand for shops. Some owners are waiting for a lease to sell horse heads. The pavement is about 1,600 square feet and the price is 53.6 million yuan.

Liu Xuexiang, co-director of Li Jia Ge (Industry and Commerce), is located at Shops 2 and 4, G/F, Block C, 187-187A, Ma Tau Wai Road, To Kwa Wan. It covers an area of ​​about 1,600 square feet. It is now sold at an intent price of $53.6 million. The price per square baht is about RMB 33,500. The above address is now rented by the restaurants of An An Food Group. The monthly rent is about 101,000 yuan. The lease period is until April 2021. The new buyer can enjoy a rental return of 2.3%.

Proximity to the To Kwa Wan Station

Liu said that the shop for sale is the most prosperous section of Ma Tau Wai Road. It is about 2 minutes walk from Exit A of To Kwa Wan Station on Shatin Line. It is expected that after the opening of the Shazhong Line in 2019, To Kwa Wan will be adjacent to the surrounding area. Intertwined and synergistic, it is a huge population and consumption power in the region. In addition, the Government has actively activated the To Kwa Wan area in recent years. As of the middle of this year, the Urban Renewal Authority has carried out six redevelopment projects in the district, including Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street. The developers are also actively The launch of the new market will further release the development potential of the region and accelerate the pace of development in the region. As the flow of people increases, and the traffic is greatly improved, the demand for shops in the region is increasing, which is expected to drive retail transactions.

Ma Tau Wai Road is the only way for people to travel and traffic in To Kwa Wan. The renting and selling are also the highest. However, there are not many owners of the flats. For the recent rental transactions, please refer to the ground floor of No. 406 Ma Tau Wai Road. The area is about 1,000 square feet. The lease is about $59,000 and the average rent is $59. The sale and purchase of the pedestal, such as 262-270 Ma Tau Wai Road, is an penthouse with an area of ​​about 2,000 square feet. It costs about $14,500 per square foot and costs about $29 million.