Second-tier housing estates rose to win blue chip house

Property prices in second-tier housing estates soared, with Tai Po Garden in Tai Po and Jubilee Garden in Sha Tin. Property prices rose more than 20% this year, outperforming first-tier estates. The other Fanling name foot price of up to 12,000 yuan, Quarry Bay Nanfeng Village roof top price of 8.35 million yuan sell.

The inflow of property prices lagged second-tier housing estates, stimulating the price increase to outperform the first-tier housing estates. According to the adjustment of the Central Plains City Leading Index (CCL) housing estates, the latest price adjustment of Tai Fook Garden in Tai Po was RMB13,333 per sq ft compared with RMB10,962 in December 2016, a temporary increase of 21.6% for the current year. This represents an increase of 16% over the same period as the Tai Po Center in the same district, which is 5.6% higher than that of the same period.

The Acting Director pointed out that the 7 Block G, Taihu Garden, Tai Po, was recently sold for $ 4.88 million. The two-bedroom area is 355 square feet at $ 13,746. Compared to the end of last year, the average price of two rooms was about 4.2 million yuan, and property prices have risen by 680,000 yuan, an increase of 16%.

Nanfeng Village 3 rooms 8.38 million broken top

As for other estates such as Jubilee Garden in Sha Tin (+ 20.2%) and Tsing Yi Tsing Yi Garden (+ 17.5%), the cumulative increase was also higher than that in the same district. Apart from this, compared with the CCL, which reflects the overall second-hand property price index, this year surged 12.4%. More than one second-tier housing estates saw more increases than the whole.

On the other hand, a number of second-tier housing estates recorded high transaction prices. For example, the 11-storey D Block, Nan Fung New Village, Quarry Bay veteran housing estate has a salable area of ​​516 sq. Ft. , A record high cost housing estate record. The original owner purchased 6.09 million yuan in 2014, holding goods just over 3 years 2.66 million yuan profits, the appreciation of 37% during the period.

Central Plains real estate deputy regional director Lanhao Ran pointed out that the name of Fanling, 7 high-rise C Room, a practical area of ​​about 369 square feet, belonging to two rooms interval, the original owner in 2010 to 1.98 million yuan purchase, just 4.66 million yuan changed hands, The price of $ 12,629 per square foot is a record high in estates. The 7-year cash-for-profit of $ 2.68 million leaves the company.

In addition, Ma On Shan Sunshine City two bedrooms price of 16,716 yuan a record high estate. Yang Jianting, chief co-director of Ricacorp Properties, pointed out that Estate F Block has a 3-storey high rise with a usable area of ​​338 square feet and is expected to have landscaped and ocean views at a consideration of $ 5.65 million. The original owner entered the market in 2014 with 3.81 million yuan, and the cargo hold has appreciated 48% in 3 years.