Kwu Tung proposed bungalow to withdraw the application

Henderson Land (00012) planned to build a large-scale bungalow project on the agricultural land of Kwu Tung South Banana Trail. The TPB originally scheduled for Friday’s consideration. The proposed site range involves inadequate planning and assessment data of the government agricultural park and the proposal is not supported by the Planning Department , So the developer withdraws the application.

The scope of the scope of agricultural plan involved

With a land area of nearly 1.24 million square feet, the farmland is located on the southwestern edge of the Songfu Ridge. Hengda plans to relocate the land to residential development and build 270 3 high-rise houses.

The Town Planning Board reviewed the draft Ngau Tau Kok and Kowloon Bay Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) yesterday, including 140 meters above the main level of the former Kai Tak Mansion. Owner Wong Sin Hing Group submitted an opposition proposal on behalf of the Eastern Exhibition Company. The proposed maximum limit At 160 meters, Planning Department disagrees with the original plan to amend the draft plan.