Hengdi 5 reconstruction project 1,600 households to push next year

In an interview, Han Jiahui, general manager of Hengdian Business Department (II), said the demand for thin units continued. The department will push 3 to 5 urban renewal projects next year, covering 1,000 to 1,600 units. The whole family will be open to 2-bedroom units.

Han Jiahui: 3 projects to be pushed next quarter

High property prices, the market demand for small units. In recent years, the Urban Collection The H Collection has launched a total of 7 redevelopment projects involving 1,476 trades and sold 1,407 trades successfully, accounting for 95% of the total. This reflects the huge demand for fine units in the market.

Sai Ying Pun Mong Kok project the fastest sale by the end of next year

Han Jiahui said that seeing the market demand for fine units, many of its projects are being deployed next year, involving 3 to 5, all belong to the old lease project, the sale is more flexible, of which there are three projects, the fastest second quarter Can debut. Including Phase 1 of Chung Cheng Street project in Sai Ying Pun and 13 to 23 Jupiter Street, respectively. As for the larger scale, No. 8 to 30A Jiashan Street, Mong Kok, will be the No. 2 in the Leo Square series. 500 gangs. These redevelopment projects are mainly subdivided into units that are mainly open-ended and 2-bedroom, in response to the market demand for thin units.

In addition, Chung Yeung Street, Sai Ying Pun Phase 2 and Leo Square, Mongkok Phase 3, there is a chance to launch the end of next year or 2019, depending on the progress of the sale. He said that the future push will still provide a high mortgage payment method, emphasizing that high mortgage only belongs to the reserve scheme and may not be adopted by every buyer.

He also mentioned that Leo Square will temporarily develop in phases 5 and Phase 1 Leo Fay? Xiao shore has enjoyed a good sales performance since its launch in 2015. With a total of 448 partners, only 3 of them are for sale and the average price per square foot About 17,800 yuan will be handed over in the short term. Some of the small business owners have even successfully rented their units. As for some shopping centers at the base, they will have the opportunity to open their businesses by the end of this year.

Golf? Royal Court temporarily sold more than 170 partners

This year, the department mainly sells new golf courses and golf courses in North New Territories. More than 170 trades have been sold and the performance has been impressive. The outstanding performance of this department has been about $ 1.4 billion.

He said that the property market is booming this year, regardless of whether the “large, medium and small" floor concessions are quite strong and the mansion is a record breaking. He is also very confident about the market outlook for next year. Nowadays, the jobless rate is low, employment for almost all people is on the rise. Both land prices and construction costs have risen. On the periphery, the U.S. interest rate has only modestly increased and has little effect on the real estate market in Hong Kong. The trend is expected to rise by more than 10%. As for small and medium sized flats, they will also be able to move upward steadily.