Luo Shouhui and other 20 million purchase Furong Mountain

Luo Shouhui, a senior investor who has frequently entered the market in recent years, and related persons, recently spent 20 million yuan to buy a silver main land in Furong Mountain, Tsuen Wan.

According to the Land Registry, the Furong Mountain site adjacent to the Zhulin Temple is estimated to cover an area of about 60,000 square feet. It is used for the “Green Belt". It was purchased by Sheng Express Co., Ltd. on the 23rd of last month for 20 million yuan. The company directors of the new buyers include Guo Zhuoyan and Liang Jinxi, Guo Zhuoyan is a related person of Luo Shouhui, and Liang Jinxi manages the columbarium business. It is not ruled out that the land application will be reorganized as an ashes.

Adjacent to Zhulin Temple or Shenhui Ashes

The original owner of the site was Liang De, who had developed the Tsuen Wan Jade Plaza. He bought it in 1996 for 14 million yuan. According to the information, the original owner proposed to apply for rezoning the site for residential use in 2000, but it was not approved by the Town Planning Board. In recent years, due to the owner’s confiscation, the land was confiscated by the loan bank Chong Hing Bank and became the silver master. Based on the latest transaction price, the land appreciation was 6 million yuan, with a range of 42.9%.