22 groups of open households, less than 4 million

Chuangshi China (00298), which is located in the Qimen Sea, offers 371 gangs. Among them, open-plan households account for about 60% of the total, and 86 people are temporarily sold. The developer uploaded a new price list yesterday, involving 38 people, with a saleable area of ​​162 to 447 square feet, with a price of 3.678 million to 82.23 million yuan and a price of 16,112 to 24,054 yuan.

The highest discount was maintained at 16%, the discounted price was 3.089 million to 6.907 million yuan, and the discounted price was 13,534 to 20,205 yuan. Among them, 22 were open-plan households, which were more popular in the project. The price is less than 4 million yuan. The entrance unit is the D room on the 16th floor. The discounted price is 3.089 million yuan, but the price is as high as 19,071 yuan, compared with the same district city launched last year. The point is higher. If you compare the D room on the 15th floor of the first price list, the unit’s discounted price is 3.071 million yuan, and the price is 18,957 yuan. The difference is only about 0.6%. If the floor factor is taken into account, it is the original price.

The developer launched a new sales arrangement yesterday, including the suspension of 14 units, together with another 76 units, starting on Saturday and closing the bid at the end of the year (December 31). And launched 60 groups on a first-come, first-served basis for sale on the same day, involving a total of 150 people.

Among the tendering units, 17 were discounted to less than $4 million. Apart from the re-introduction of the case, it was the first project in Hong Kong to introduce tenders for standard tiered units of less than $4 million.

Another Ma On Shan, after the launch of the first batch of 110 gangs last week, temporarily received about 250 votes, which exceeded the number of times. It is expected that the latest deployment will be announced within the day.

Secondly, Xindi (00016) Peak Luxury House TWELVE PEAKS announced the latest sales arrangements, and launched the No. 10 bungalow on the Friday (23rd) tender for sale, the same day the tender. The unit has a usable area of ​​3,744 square feet, with 1,859 square feet of garden and 719 square feet of roof.

Yuen Long Hua On Court Village House 960,000 admission

In addition, the Wah On Court, a village house in San Wai Estate, Yuen Long, has launched three outs of sale. The saleable area is 603 to 746 square feet. The price ranges from 958,000 to $1.62 million. The price is $1,303 to $2,687. This is a new case. After the most flat new disk. The developer has also launched a sales arrangement. The underground and second floor units will be on sale this Thursday (22nd). The first floor units will be on sale on Friday. However, the intention registration has been intercepted.