Small and medium-sized banks push P minus 3.15%

The bank will have another chance to raise interest rates next month. It is known that small and medium-sized banks provide a low interest rate of 2.15% for the designated customer base. The actual interest rate is 2.225%, and the larger banks are 0.15%. Goal and attract quality customers.

The US Federal Reserve will have a high interest rate hike next month. The market generally expects that Hong Kong banks will follow the interest rate hike of 0.125 to 0.25% at the end of the year. Many banks have successively launched mortgage discounts this quarter. Recently, the Hong Kong dollar interest rate has fallen, and the cost of borrowing costs has been slightly reduced. The news indicates that some small and medium-sized banks have recently launched P-based low-interest discounts. Among them, the designated superior customer base, considering the approval of low-to-period P, the rate of 3.15% is The current P of the bank is calculated at 5.375%. The actual interest rate is 2.225%. Compared with the average large banks, P can provide a minimum of 2.375% and a flat of about 0.15%. It is believed to be the lowest in Hong Kong.

Borrowing 4 million months to reduce 300 full-term interest rate of 89,000

If the loan amount is 4 million yuan and the contribution period is 25 years, the contracted interest rate is 2.375 percent. The monthly contribution of the owner is about 17,700 yuan, and the interest for the whole period is about 1,308,200 yuan. If you become the bank’s superior customer base and obtain a minimum P minus 3.15% contribution rate, it is estimated that the monthly supply will be reduced by nearly 300 yuan, that is, the monthly supply is 17,400 yuan, and the owner can save about 89,000 yuan of interest expenses for the whole period. .

It is understood that the small and medium-sized banks have a Chinese-funded background, and to become a superior customer base of the bank, in addition to the comprehensive wealth management account of at least more than 1 million Hong Kong dollars, and a number of subsidiary conditions, including the completion of two or more within the specified period Cross-sell products such as fund bond accounts, food, life or home insurance and credit cards.

In addition, the bank can provide a plan of as low as P minus 3.05 cents. The actual interest rate is 2.325%, which is still 0.05% lower. It is reported that the mortgage amount cannot be less than 3 million yuan. It is believed that in order to attract new buyers, the new plan will be retained. Old and high-quality customers, and can open up new customers.

Some insiders analyzed that the current banking sector is positive about borrowing, but the US has a chance to raise interest rates next month. Hong Kong’s recent capital flow is relatively faster than last year. At the end of the year, there is a chance to follow the increase. It will hinder the owners from buying flats and reselling their desires, which will affect the atmosphere of the property market. Therefore, many banks in the fourth quarter to promote discounts, such as the increase of rebates and gift vouchers, individual small and medium-sized banks intend to meet the end of the year goals, will be more aggressive in interest rates.

Intermediary grabs performance commission rebates

On the other hand, the recent downturn in the property market has dragged down the number of mortgages and the amount of mortgages. Several small mortgage intermediaries have given part of the commission rebate to the guests, bringing the maximum cash rebate to 2.1% to 2.3%, compared to the traditional bank 2 % is high.

For example, a financial institution’s bank provides a 2.1% rebate for new buyers, of which about 1.95% is paid by banks, and the remaining 0.15% rebate is issued as a gift certificate. This also reflects the fierce competition for mortgages.