Huangpu 3 room price of 12.8 million

The decline in property prices spread to urban housing estates. The price of the three-bedroom property of Hung Hom Whampoa Garden fell by 20%. The transaction price was $12,800, which returned to the beginning of the year. Another 1 bedroom home in Depot Garden, Ngau Tau Kok, was in danger of $4 million. pass.

Huangpu Middle Floor is reduced by 1.8 million

According to the news, Huangpu Garden Phase 3, Block A, has a practical area of ​​777 square feet. It is a 3 bedroom suite with an original price of 11.8 million yuan, a reduction of 1.8 million yuan, and a unit price of 10 million yuan. The average price is 12,870. yuan. It is understood that the same-type units in the middle of this year, the cost has reached 13 million yuan, that is, the high level fell 3 million yuan, a margin of 23%.

As the age of Phase 1 of Whampoa Garden has reached 33 years, the age of the building is older than that of other periods, and the landscape is mainly dominated by the view of the building. However, the transaction price of this unit is only RMB 12,800, which is close to the price level of many large units in the New Territories. For example, the middle-level unit of Phase 1 of Sha Tin Pictorial Garden covers an area of ​​849 square feet. It was previously worth 10.7 million yuan and the price was 12.6 million. yuan.

Depot Middle Floor 1 Room for sale 15434

Secondly, the price of the Depot Garden in Ngau Tau Kok Estate is at a premium of $4 million. Bao Yunzhong, Assistant Divisional Manager of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the 8th floor of the E-story of Block E, the practical area of ​​265 square feet, 1 room interval, reduced by 610,000 yuan, with a total of 4.09 million yuan, the price of 15,434 yuan. Looking up the record, the area of ​​high-rise buildings, this year’s property prices can reach 48.30 million yuan, that is, the high level fell 15%. The original owner entered the market with a total of 2.95 million yuan in 2013, and the appreciation of the hand was nearly 40%.

The owners are willing to reduce the price and the trading atmosphere is slightly improved. According to the information of the property, the top 10 active indicators in the last week (November 12 to 18) recorded 32 transactions, an increase of 19% per week, and recorded the largest number of 9 in the Jiahu Villa in Tin Shui Wai. Li Jiage real estate director Chen Dawei pointed out that under the influence of the Sino-US trade war, the trading volume is difficult to rise. In the next one to two weeks, the volume of the top 10 active indicator housing estates is expected to be stable.