Tsuen Wan 2 Green Land 58,000 20 million

According to the Land Registry, two green plots in the Sung Chung Estate, Furong Mountain, Tsuen Wan, were changed to $20 million. The price of the floor was about 342 yuan. The buyer was a related person of the Executive Director of the House of Music, Mr Leung Kam-yiu, the market For religious purposes.

呎 342 yuan, religious use

The above-mentioned land is the 1205 and 1177 sub-sections of the No. 453 section, which covers the area of Songjutai, Furong Mountain, Tsuen Wan. It is now zoned for greening and belongs to two connected plots covering a total area of about 58,400 square feet. According to the transaction price of 20 million yuan, the floor price is about 342 yuan.

The new buyer is Shengsheng Co., Ltd., and the registered directors are Guo Zhuoyan and Liang Jinxi, who share the same name as the executive director of Xiaosiyuan and are expected to be the same person.

The site is located on the hillside, surrounded by religious institutions and village-style development. In addition, it is now a green belt. It is believed that the potential for housing development is small and it is estimated to be used for religious purposes.