Pushing two sets of Kai Tak projects next year

Ka Wah (00173) will launch two new properties next year, including the Kai Tak project, and will introduce distinctive units.

Main 2 bedroom households

Two new properties will be launched next year. The most notable projects include the Kai Tak project. Wen Weiming, general manager of Ka Wah International Sales and Marketing (Hong Kong Real Estate), said that the project will provide about 1,000 people with reference to Jiahui in the same district.

The project type consists of 1 to 4 units and is mainly for 2 households. It is expected that the pre-sale consent will be submitted to the paper within the month and will be sold in the middle of next year.

He mentioned that when designing the unit, the group hopes to be able to achieve “plus (plus) a little more". This time, the new project, he refers to the introduction of the characteristic floor plan, the design will be different in the opening, details will be later Announced.

As for the sales of Jiahui, it is very satisfactory. At present, there are only a very small number of units. The market has sold a group of duplex households earlier. The transaction price is over 109 million yuan, with an area of ​​2,065 square feet and a price of 53,000 yuan. The price history has reached a new high, and the project has sold about 890 people.

No. 2, Jialin Border Road

In addition, No. 2, Garing Road, Kowloon Tong, has the opportunity to sell in the form of uncompleted flats at the end of next year, providing about 10 gangs of low-density residential buildings of 2 to 3 storeys. The project is expected to be completed by 2020.