Kaihui rush to reduce the price increase 8 blue chip housing weekend sales egg

Kaihui rush to reduce the price increase 8 blue chip housing weekend sales egg

Even though Kwun Tong’s new “Kaihui" clears all units in the first round on Thursday, the market sentiment seems to be better, but second-hand sales are still sluggish, and the top ten housing estates have failed in the past. The weekend brings good news. According to the statistics of the four major real estate agencies, the top ten index housing estates of all trades recorded the number of trading figures per unit last weekend.

The top ten housing estates of Centaline Property recorded 4 transactions last weekend, which did not rise or fall during the week. Among them, the transactions came from Yingwan Park and Jiahu Villa, and the remaining 8 estates did not record the transaction. According to the statistics of Midland Real Estate, only 3 transactions were traded in the top ten housing estates last weekend, down 25% from the previous four. Last week, the number reached a new weekend low of 6 and 8 of them were sold at zero.

As regards the Li Kwai Court, there have been 7 cases of second-hand sales in the top ten housing estates in the past weekend, a slight increase from the previous six weeks, which is the highest in 21 weeks. In addition, according to the statistics of Hong Kong Property Holdings as at 3 pm yesterday, the top ten index housing estates recorded a total of 3 transactions last weekend, a slight decrease from the previous four weekends. Among them, 7 indicator housing estates hold the egg.

New Territories District, other districts before the transaction

By district, the New Territories dominated the districts and took all the trading cases in the weekend. According to the transaction data of the Central Plains Real Estate, the index housing estates in Hong Kong and Kowloon were all held last weekend. In the New Territories, four transactions were recorded, including one recorded at Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai and two against Tin Wan Estate in Tung Chung. 3 transactions. The total turnover in the district rose by a factor of three compared with the previous week. The figures for the Midland Properties are similar. The three transactions last weekend were from the New Territories, including the Tsuen Wan Centre, Sha Tin Phase 1 and Kingswood Villas.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the recent market focus is on Kaihui, which has robbed a large amount of purchasing power, resulting in zero turnover in several top ten housing estates. He continued to refer to the fact that the market in the New Territories still recorded transactions, reflecting that the rigid demand of the market still exists. However, there are not many owners who are willing to reduce the price. In addition, the traditional year-end market is close to the end of the year. The attitude of buyers is quite wait-and-see, and the second-hand trading is in a stalemate.

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, said that many prospective buyers are expecting property prices to continue to fall. At this stage, the mentality of entering the market is not very positive. It is necessary to wait for the opportunity to enter the market at a fair price to make a decision. Currently, the second-hand market has a reduction of one or more. It has been accepted, but some prospective buyers hope to reduce the amount by more than 10% or even more than 20%. The number of such large-value discounted orders has not been much, which has caused the trading to fail to further break, and the first-hand sales at low market prices. It also has an impact on second-hand trading. Liao expects that if the market has a large price cut, it is in line with the requirements of prospective buyers, and it is expected that the trading will be further resumed.

Second-hand flats rose by 20%

Zeng Weijun, assistant director of the Midland Realty Lantian District, said that the average price of Kaihui was close to that of the same district, which attracted a lot of prospective buyers, which caused a significant slowdown in second-hand transactions in the region. Among them, the indicator estate Ligang City has only recorded about one transaction for sale this month. He also mentioned that the owners of the listings will see the price concessions of the new discs, and they are willing to increase the bargaining rate to 10%. However, the source of the customers has been diluted, resulting in a decrease in trading volume.

With the hot new sales, the volume of second-hand flats has also increased. Wen Kaiguang, the chief divisional director of Hong Kong Real Estate West Kowloon Sheng Yue Ju Branch, said that Kaihui has warmed the property market and prospective buyers have added confidence to the market. They have gone out to the market and drove up the demand for second-hand flats by 20% last week. The new flats are sold at low prices. It is beneficial for buyers to repay the landlords. The price of landlords in the district has also softened. The current bargaining space is about 3% to 4%. However, some owners have chosen to close the market and watch the development of the property market.