The land is worth more than half a century Xinle Hotel sells

The market is buoyant and attracts old owners. The old family commissioned surveyors and sold the brand new Johor, a hotel with a history of about 3 billion yuan. It has a history of about 3 billion yuan. Due to its ideal location and the high-speed rail concept, it has high rebuilding value and is expected to win over the consortium.

The value of redeveloped sites in the urban areas is high, and the owners are also busy making markets. According to market sources, the Hsu family of Xinle Hotel met with a number of surveyors earlier to study the sale of the entire Xinle Hotel in Nathan Road, Jordan. Recently, the owner has selected a tender for a British-owned surveyor’s behavior project, which is expected to be tendered in May. .

Right MTR exports suitable for reconstruction of commercial buildings

The property involved was Nathan Road, Nathan Road, Jordan. The property was located from the ground floor to the 9th floor, the ground floor was the lobby, and the 160 rooms upstairs were positioned as 4-star hotels. The hotel price was approximately RMB 1,000 per night. It is understood that the total gross floor area of ​​the building is about 70,000 square feet, and its floor space has not yet been exhausted. This is in addition to its advantageous location and is suitable for redevelopment into a commercial building.

The site area of ​​the property is approximately 9,000 square feet, with a total building area of ​​approximately 108,684 square feet. The market value of the project is approximately RMB 3 billion and the floor price of each floor is approximately RMB 27,602. The building is on the exit of the Jordan MTR Station. It is expected that the opening of the high-speed railway this year will increase the number of passengers expected in Jordan and Austin. The business climate is expected to increase. I believe that the old owners’ property sale can attract multi-channel consortia.

Old Hotel Cantonese Movie Stars

Opened in the 1950s, Xinle Hotel has been experiencing over half a century. It is one of the oldest hotels in Hong Kong and was once the star of Cantonese films. The hotel’s Xinle Restaurant is a star cafeteria. The restaurant opened in 1960 and has operated in excess. In 50 years, it was not until 2015 that it rented and was closed.

Apart from owning the Xinle Hotel and the Baile Hotel, the family also sold the Park Hotel to Luo Jiabao in the early years. Now, only the Xinle Hotel is available.

Xinle Hotel is located in the heart of Nathan Road in Jordan. There are also landlords recently put up for sale. The Hengfu Commercial Center adjacent to the Xinle Hotel was held by Hang Lung (00101). The group had previously priced the property for sale, with a site area of ​​approximately 6,200 square feet, a total floor area of ​​approximately 68,000 square feet and an expected price of approximately RMB 2.5 billion. The price is about 37,000 yuan. If it is merged with Xinle Hotel, the site area will be expanded to 15,000 square feet, which will be even larger.

On the other hand, the veteran family has held Jordon’s Jinfeng Tower, and it was expected that the consortium’s bid of RMB 2.5 billion will come to an end and it is expected to change hands. The property is 16-storey and the total floor area of ​​the entire building is approximately 60,798 square feet, with a market value of 2.5 billion yuan, and the average price is approximately 41,000 yuan.