OASIS feature unit 36.56 million double tops

In recent years, property prices in the East Kai Tak Development Area in Kowloon have soared. A special household belonging to the OASIS KAI TAK (hereinafter referred to as OASIS) of Wheelock Properties was sold for RMB 36.558 million yesterday. The practical price was RMB 30,500. The project reached a new high; Nine Construction (00034) 63 Pokfulam in Sai Ying District took out an open-ended unit at a practical price of RMB 38,700. It refreshed the price record of open units in Hong Kong for three consecutive days.

63 Pokfulam sells 38,700

The price of each new price in Kaide District has exceeded 30,000 yuan. The OASIS top-down unit is the low-rise Block D on the 5th floor and the 6th floor of the Block D on Tuesday (20th). It has a roof area of ​​1197 sq.ft. and a built-in staircase. 281 Fang Fang roof, yesterday to implement the sale of 365.58 million yuan, the price of 30,500 yuan, a record high. The OASIS KAI TAK, which is expected to be occupied by the end of May next year, is located at No. 10 Munin Street and offers 648 units of 275 to 1530 square feet of usable area. It has 451 sales units, and it has cashed in nearly 5 billion yuan.

The 63 Pokfulam of the Jiujian Group once again smashed 11 groups and cashed 103 million yuan yesterday. One of the 25th-floor E-rooms sold 209 square meters of open-plan units, sold for 8.091 million yuan, and the price was 38,700 yuan, breaking the whole for 3 consecutive days. Hong Kong open-plan unit price record, the project sells 16 teams.

Henderson (00012) is collecting tickets at No. 12, Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeen. Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Management (1) Department, revealed that he had received 200 tickets, including 17 proxy votes, and he plans to push no less than 15 teams at the beginning of next week, with an increase of about 5% to 10%. Sell ​​the building before the 29th of this month.

According to market sources, about 260 tickets were received last night, with the first batch of 50 guys, 4.2 times over-purchased. The plate is provided with 142 people, with a saleable area of ​​164 to 493 square feet, and will be occupied by the end of next year.

Nanjin. Meet the shore to receive 260 votes

In addition, Zhao Baojie, chief operating director of Lijiage Real Estate, said that Yingxin Holdings (00015) Pokfulam PEAK in Pok Fu Lam sold Unit 92E with double parking spaces for RMB 233 million, with a saleable area of ​​3757 sq ft, and a low price of RMB 62,000 for a new project high. In addition, Stanley Nanxun also sold No. 5 housing for 250 million yuan, with a total area of ​​3,054 square feet and a price of about 81,900 yuan. VCC Land, the former chairman of the Estate Agents Regulatory Commission, started the collaboration with The Lodge, a serviced residence in Jordan. The Lodge launched the first year’s 1.68 trial of the mortgage loan. According to the plan, Gu Kangmin, assistant general manager of VCC Land, said that 37 projects involved 36 million yuan in cash. , Plus push four open units, the area of ​​204 to 220 square feet, selling price of 5.45 million.