63 Pokfulam Open Sale : 38,700 expensive

The price of new nano-platters hit record highs. Saye Ying 63 Pokfulam yesterday sold 11 out of the total, including 209 square feet of open-plan units sold for more than 8 million yuan, and surging prices approaching 40,000 yuan, setting a new high for open units in Hong Kong.

On the eve of the U.S. interest rate cut, the new record high for new stocks reflects that many buyers still have confidence in the market outlook. Jiuke Construction (00034)’s 63 Pokfulam yesterday pushed 17 companies to bid, selling 11 companies on the same day. The transaction price ranged from 7.827 to 11.168 million yuan, and the closing price was 28,462 to 38,713 yuan.

Higher-order units 呎 price challenge 40,000

Among them, the nanometer unit has set a new record. The project has a 25th floor room E. The utility area is only 209 sq ft. It is an open-plan apartment with a high transaction price of RMB 80.91 million and a practical price of RMB 38,713. It is a room on the 23rd floor of the E room a few days ago. On March 20th, the transaction price was 37,651 yuan. It hit a new record high for open units in Hong Kong, pushing the record further by 3%.

The maximum level of the 32nd floor is that if the developer launches a tender for a higher-level unit, it will then update the price record and have a chance to exceed 40,000 yuan.

The project can be described as the most prosperous cargo project this month, with 188 units sold this month alone. The entire project has 216 units sold, cashing over 1.92 billion yuan, with an average price of nearly 8.9 million yuan per transaction. Some units were sold in the form of tenders, which pushed up property prices on the plate to some extent.

Nano new discs can be described as more expensive to sell, even more expensive than the Mid-Levels new disc. Take Xin Bing (00016) Mid-Levels West Bingdingshan as an example. The last transaction was Room A on the 7th floor, covering an area of ​​742 sq ft. The multi-room unit has a transaction price of 260.66 million yuan, and the price is 35,129 yuan. This time, 63 Pokfulam is more than 10% higher than it.

1 room 340 近 nearly 9.5 million

New World (00017), Sai Ying Pan, also recorded a one-room price transaction yesterday. Room 7F, Room H, has a saleable area of ​​340 square feet, a transaction price of 9.496 million yuan and a transaction price of 27,929 yuan.

The current project is selling 122 people, cashing in excess of 1 billion yuan. The plate sold a two-bedroom unit a few days ago. The transaction price was as high as 38,000 yuan, reflecting the recent new single-storey building on Hong Kong Island West, which frequently recorded high transaction prices.

The agent stated that since 63 Pokfulam introduced a new payment method earlier this month, it has attracted a large number of investors to enter the market. Under the snowball effect, the transaction has become more prosperous and buyers are constantly chasing prices. As a result, new high-priced transactions have been recorded.